Oxidizer classification research project: tests and criteria

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Oxidizer Classification Research Project: Tests and Criteria"
Author: Elizabeth C. Buc, Ph.D., PE, FIre and Materials Research Laboratory, LLC
Date of issue: November 2009


The purpose of this research project, which was initiated at the request of the NFPA Technical Committee on Hazardous Chemicals, is to develop a scientific and reliable method to classify chemical oxidizers based on the degree to which an oxidizer increases the burning rate of combustible materials with which it comes into contact. A test plan was developed to determine the relationship between oxidizer chemical structure, composition, and packaging on the burning rate of oxidizers for classification and fire protection in storage environments. The resulting classification scheme for oxidizers is practical and includes a bench scale screening test method and medium scale burn testing of the oxidizer in its packaging with criteria for classification.

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