Assessment of hazards of flammable and combustible liquids

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Assessment of Hazards of Flammable and Combustible Liquids in Composite IBCs in Operations Scenarios"
Author: Hughes Associates, Inc.
Date of issue: October 2011


NFPA 30 Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code, provides specific guidance for both containment and fire protection of Listed IBCs containing flammable and combustible liquids in storage configurations. However, a common usage scenario involves the use of non-Listed, composite IBCs containing flammable/combustible liquids in operations scenarios. The code does not provide specific fire protection criteria for these applications. The only guidance provided, to date, relates to the quantities of liquids that are permitted in such scenarios. Historically, the protection schemes prescribed in NFPA 30 have been based on experimental testing and engineering analysis. The goal of this Phase I project as described in this report is to identify candidate protection strategies that can be evaluated in a future Phase in general accordance with Appendix E of NFPA 30.

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