Evaluating Vapor Dispersion Models for Safety Analysis

Published on June 15, 2012
Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Evaluating Vapor Dispersion Models for Safety Analysis of LNG Facilities Research Project"
Author: M.J. Ivings, S.F. Jagger, C.J. Lea and D.M. Webber, Health & Safety Laboratory
Date of issue: April 2007


NFPA 59A Standard for the Production , Storage , and Handling of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), provides limited guidance on the use of vapor dispersion models for the analysis of safety features for LNG facilities. Due to recent developments, and new laboratory and modeling research, the NFPA 59A Committee anticipates receiving proposals requiring NFPA 59A to reference specific vapor dispersion models. These models are complex; hence, the Committee is in need of some guidance on their application to large LNG spill scenarios. The Committee is also seeking evaluation tools/criteria to assist them in their decision making process for referencing models in the standard.

As a result the Fire Protection Research Foundation of the NFPA have let a contract with the Health & Safety Laboratory, the research agency of the United Kingdom Health & Safety Executive , to examine modeling of dispersion of LNG spills on land , and provide them with guidelines for assessment of available dispersion models.

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