2012 Suppression, Detection and Signaling Research and Applications Symposium (SUPDET 2012)

March 5-8, 2012
Sheraton Crescent Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona 


Keynote Address
Unwanted Fire Alarms (PDF, 389 KB) Paper (PDF, 32 KB)
Marty Ahrens – National Fire Protection Association

Session I: Home Fire Alarms
Discriminant Analysis for Home Fire Alarms (PDF, 2.8 MB) Extended abstract (PDF, 290 KB)
Bruce Warmack, Dennis Wolf, Marc Wise – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Smoke Alarm Performance in Kitchen Fires and Nuisance Scenarios (PDF, 13 KB)
Thomas Cleary - National Institute of Standards and Technology           

Do Smoke Alarms with Internal Plastic Components Pose a Fire Hazard if They Ignite? (PDF, 2 MB) Extended abstract (PDF, 195 KB)
Arthur Lee - U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Multi-Criteria Fire Alarm (PDF, 941 KB Paper (PDF, 289 KB)
Jacob Wong – Airware Inc.

Session II: Applications
Fire Detection in Warehouse Facilities (PDF, 544 KB) Extended abstract (PDF, 67 KB)
Daniel Gottuk, Joshua Dinaburg – Hughes Associates, Inc.

Modeling the Performance of Fire Protection Systems in Modern Data Centers (PDF, 855 KB) Paper (PDF, 367 KB)   
Richard Bukowski, Ralph Transue – Rolf Jensen and Associates

Using CFD to Analyze Gas Detector Placement in Process Facilities (PDF, 4.3 MB) Paper (PDF, 2.4 MB)
Scott Davis, Olav Hansen, Filippo Gavelli, Are Bratteteig – GexCon US

Early, Accurate Safety Threat Detection Integrated for Transit Risk Management & Emergency Response (PDF, 1.7 MB)
Ming He - Xtralis AG

Air Sampling Smoke Detection On Mobile Mining Equipment (PDF, 1 MB) Paper (PDF, 19 KB)
Peter J. Wynnyczuk - Heritage Industrial Services, LLC

Session III: Notification
Directional Sound Effectiveness Study (PDF, 747 KB) Paper (PDF, 206 KB)
Scott Lang, Mike Dybas – System Sensor

Characteristics of Light-Emitting Diode Sources: Relevance for Visual Signal Detection (PDF, 2 MB) Paper (PDF, 263 KB)
John Bullough - RPI Lighting Research Center

Session IV: Mass Notification for Vulnerable Populations
Latinos a Salvo Means a Safer Community for All: The Imperative for Inclusive and Multi-language Emergency Communication Policies (PDF, 70 KB) Abstract (PDF, 16 KB)
Federico Subervi - Texas State University - San Marcos

Warning the Elderly: Understanding and Overcoming Barriers to Risk Communication (PDF, 731 KB) Paper (PDF, 50 KB)
Christopher Mayhorn - North Carolina State University

Getting the Message to People Who are Blind and Vision Impaired During Emergencies (PDF, 539 KB) Paper (PDF, 538 KB)
Sharon Toji - Toji and Company


Session I: Clean Agents
Performance Based Guidance in Specifying Clean Extinguishing Agent Protection Against Energy Augmented Data Center Fire Conditions (PDF, 48 KB)
Romil Patel – University of Maryland, Paul Rivers – 3M Company

A Thermal View on the Synergistic Effect of Fire Suppressants (PDF, 895 KB) Paper (PDF, 291 KB)
T. Ma, Q. Wang , M. D. Larrañaga – Oklahoma State University

Inert Gas Extinguishing System Two Minute Discharge Study (PDF, 253 KB) Paper (PDF, 235 KB)
Gene Hill, Brad Stilwell – Fike Corporation

Analysis of Suppressant-Enhanced Overpressure in the FAA Aerosol Can Simulator (PDF, 2 MB)
Greg Linteris – National Institute of Standards and Technology

Session II: Environmental Issues
Next Generation Fluorine-Free Firefighting Foams (PDF, 1 MB) Extended abstract (PDF, 153 KB)
Nicolas Robinet, Rajesh Melkote – UTC Fire & Security

Is There a Future for AFFF without Fluorine? (PDF, 884 KB) Extended abstract (PDF, 42 KB)
Ralf Hetzer - Bundeswehr Research Institute for Protective Technologies and NBC Protection

Session III: Sprinkler Protection
Droplet Characterization Using Direct Imaging Techniques (PDF, 2.6 MB) Paper (PDF, 322 KB)
Melissa Avila, Zachary Magnone – Tyco Fire Protection Products, Hao Bohan, Chu Yueshan – Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nicholas Fast, Rachel Winsten, Nicholas Dembsey – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Simulation of Sprinkler Activities with CFD Tools (abstract) (PDF, 13 KB)
Luca Iannantuoni, Daniele Ettore – Departimento di Energia, Politecnico di Milano Andrea Ferrari – Hughes Associates Europe

Session IV: Water Mist
Suppression Effectiveness of Water Sprays on Accelerated Wood-Crib Fires (PDF, 1.5 MB) Extended abstract (PDF, 346 KB)
Paolo Santangelo, Bryson Jacobs, Ning Ren, André Marshall – University of Maryland, Joshua Sheffel, May Corn – United Technologies Research Center

Fire Suppression Tests Using a Handheld Water Mist Extinguisher Designed for Spacecraft Application (PDF, 1.4 MB) Extended abstract (PDF, 204 KB)
Thierry Carriere, Jim Butz, Sayangdev Naha – ADA Technologies, Angel Abbud-Madrid – Colorado School of Mines

Session V: Manual Fire Fighting
Model Development for Predicting Fire Hose Stream Characteristics (PDF, 7 MB) Extended abstract (PDF, 698 KB)
Y. Zheng, A.W. Marshall – University of Maryland, N. Ryder – Delta Q Fire & Explosion Consultants, Inc.

Fire Suppression Performance of Manually Applied CAF and Other Water Based Systems (PDF, 55 KB) Paper (PDF, 54 KB)
Andrew Kim, George Crampton – National Research Council of Canada

Hyper-Stress Induced Diminishment of Cognitive Abilities: A Review of Observed Tendencies and Recommendations for More Effective Management [for Emergency Responders (PDF, 1 MB) Extended abstract (PDF, 78 KB)
Robert Chandler - University of Central Florida

Session VI: High Hazard Commodity Protection      
Sprinkler Protection Criteria for Consumer Fireworks Storage in Retail Facilities (PDF, 1 MB)
Garner Palenske - Aon Fire Protection Engineering

Protection of Exposed Expanded Plastics Stored in Racks
Steven Wolin - Code Consultants, Inc.

Assessment of Hazards of Flammable and Combustible Liquids in Composite IBCs in Operations Scenarios (PDF, 842 KB) Extended abstract (PDF, 52 KB)
Joseph Scheffey - Hughes Associates, Inc.

Plastic Aerosols: A Unique Path to the Market (PDF, 205 KB)
John LeBlanc - FM Global

Packaging Influence on Sprinkler Protection for High Challenge Commodities (PDF, 100 MB) Extended abstract (PDF, 39KB)
Christopher Gates, Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Christina Francis, Procter & Gamble Company

Fire Protection and Loss Mitigation of High Density Library and Archival Storage (PDF, 1.5 MB) Extended abstract (PDF, 14 KB)
Kristin Jamison, FM Global

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