Deadliest hospital fires

Deadliest hospital fires in the United States
    A fire at St. Anthony Hospital in Effingham, IL, in 1949, killed 74 people, both patients and staff.
    Cleveland Clinic (Ohio)
    May 15, 1929
    125 deaths
    Investigation report by the National Board of Fire Underwriters and the Ohio Inspection Bureau (PDF, 1.4 MB)
  2. St. Anthony Hospital (Illinois)
    April 4, 1949
    74 deaths
    NFPA report on the St. Anthony fire (PDF, 386 KB)
  3. Mercy Hospital, St. Elizabeth’s Ward (Iowa)
    January 7, 1950
    41 deaths
    NFPA Quarterly report on the Mercy Hospital fire (PDF, 2.4 MB)

Disclaimer: Death tolls are based on information in NFPA’s records. Please contact us at to provide any updated information.

Source:  NFPA archive files, 1984 Fire Almanac

Updated: 12/08

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