Hotel and Motel Structure Fires

Report: NFPA's "U.S. Hotel and Motel Structure Fires"
Author: Ben Evarts
Issued: July 2012

Overview of the fire problem in hotels and motels, including trend tables, causes, equipment involved, heat source, area of origin, item first ignited, extent of flame, time of day, day of week, month of year and selected published incidents. 

Executive Summary

U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 3,700 structure fires per year at hotel or motel properties between 2006 and 2010. These fires caused average annual losses of 12 civilian deaths, 143 civilian injuries, and $127 million in direct property damage each year. Nearly half (45%) of these fires involved cooking equipment, 10% were caused by smoking materials, 9% were caused by heating equipment, and clothes dryers or washers were also involved in 9% of these fires. One hotel fire in 2008 caused $100 million in direct property damage.

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