Largest loss wildland fires


Loss in Year Fire Occurred

Adjusted Loss
in 2012 Dollars

1. Oakland Fire Storm
(wildland/urban interface)
Oakland, California
October 1991

$1.5 billion

$2.5 billion

2. The Southern California Firestorm*
San Diego County, California
October 2007

$1.8 billion

$2.0 billion

3. "Cerro Grande" Wildland Fire
(wildland/urban interface)
Los Alamos, New Mexico
May 2000

$1.0 billion

$1.3 billion

4. "Cedar" Wildland Fire
Julian, California
October 2003

$1.1 billion

$1.3 billion

5. "Old" Wildland Fire
San Bernardino, California
October 2003

$975 million

$1.2 billion

6. Southern California Wildfires of November*
Sacramento, CA
November 2008

$800 million

$853 million

7. "Laguna Beach Fire"
(wildland/urban interface)
Orange County, California
October 1993

$528 million

$838 million

8. Wildland Fire*
May–June, 1998

$395 million

$555 million

9. Forest Fire
Cloquet, Minnesota
October 1918

$35 million

$532 million

10. "Paint Fire" Goletta
Wildland/Urban Interface
Santa Barbara, California
June 1990

$237 million

$416 million

*Includes multiple fires.

Source: NFPA’s Fire Incident Data Organization data base and NFPA archive files.

Updated: 10/13

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