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Research + Analysis: A bi-monthly e-newsletter from NFPA's Fire Analysis and Research Division, Charles S. Morgan Technical Library and the Fire Protection Research Foundation providing independent research and analysis, fire loss statistics, and a comprehensive repository of NFPA publications and historical information. Subscribe
  • May/June 2015
    A new report lays foundation for next generation of PASS technology, identifying opportunities for enhancement; Did a fire department in your area receive an iPad? Find out!; Should fire departments be required to replace apparatus tires every seven years? A new foundation report looks into this question.
  • March/April 2015
    SupDet 2015 in Orlando, FL, highlights new developments in fire detection and suppression research; How quickly does CO seep through walls? At a surprisingly high rate, according to findings from Carbon Monoxide Diffusion through Porous Walls: A Critical Review of Literature and Incidents
  • January/February 2015
    Strains, sprains and pain still the leading types of firefighter injury; Fires in residential properties under construction or undergoing major renovation; Suppression and detection research symposium (SUPDET 2015) registrations and sponsorships in full swing

More from our archives:

Fire Analysis News: a quarterly e-newsletter from NFPA's Fire Analysis & Research Division and provides the latest statistics, news and fire research reports.

  • October 2014
    U.S. fires decrease, but fire deaths increase in 2013; Twenty fires reported in 2013 resulted in 122 deaths; The spotlight is on smoke alarms; A month-by-month look at the causes of fire
  • July 2014
    NFPA's 2013 firefighter fatality study released; Physical disability as a factor in fire deaths; Total cost of fire up from 1980; Fire data: today and tomorrow
  • March 2014
    Smoke alarms still making a difference; Volunteer firefighter injuries; Free webinar on unwanted alarms; NFPA names new president
  • November 2013
    Firefighter injuries continue to decrease; Large-loss fires in the 2012; Brush, grass and forest fires take a toll on private property; "Fire-Safe" cigarettes contribute to decrease in smoking fire deaths
  • September 2013
    U.S. fire deaths reach a new all-time low; How upholstered furniture contributes to fire losses; Catastrophic fires killed 82 people in 2012; College students need Fire Safety 101.
  • July 2013
    The 2012 firefighter fatality study; Work in progress: America burning at 40; Home fires cause the majority of fire deaths; Fire departments do more than fighter fires.
Fire Protection Research Foundation a bi-monthly e-newsletter on new projects, reports, research planning developments, and upcoming symposia.


  • November/December 
    Foundation seeks participants in research effort to develop guidance for obstruction rules for ESFR sprinklers; Assessment of Hazardous Voltage/Current in Marinas, Boatyards and Floating Buildings; Pilot Demonstration of an Impact Evaluation Protocol: NIST NCST Recommendations Arising from The Station Nightclub Fire
  • September/October 
    Foundation research contributes to development of new technologies to prevent cooking fires; New report: Using crowdsourcing to develop emergency responder SOPs; New report: Sprinkler protection for the (small) clouds; New report: Validating the Fire Safety Evaluation System (FSES) for Healthcare against the Current Life Safety Code
  • July/August
    Call for papers issued for SupDet 2015; Explore NFPA's peer reviewed journal Fire Technology; New report: Fire Hazards of Exterior Wall Assemblies Containing Combustible Components; Proceedings available: symposium on high challenge warehouse storage protection
  • May/June
    "Contain IBC Fire Risk" education and awareness campaign launched; New guidance document on NFPA 72 focuses on emergency communication strategies for buildings; Request for proposals: Pathways for Building Fire Spread in the Wildland Urban Interface
  • March/April
    Join us in London for a research update on high challenge storage protection; See highlights of SupDet symposium in Orlando; Developing project: Lithium Ion Batteries Storage Sprinkler Protection
  • January/February
    Join us in Orlando for SupDet 2014; Free webinar: Responding to Electric Vehicle Fires; New Projects at the Foundation; Call for proposals issued; New Report: Fire Safety Challenges of Tall Wood Buildings


  • November/December
    Foundation invited to develop research agenda for smart fire fighting; Join us in Orlando for SupDet 2014; Cooking fire research continues; Cost of installing home fire sprinklers down from 2008
  • September/October
    New report: Cost of installing home fire sprinklers down from 2008; New report: Emergency Response to Incidents Involving Electric Vehicle Battery Hazards; New report: Sprinkler Protection for Cloud Ceilings
  • July/August
    Industry leaders reflect on the next five years in fire and electrical safety; Bigglestone Award presented to University of Texas at Austin researchers; New project : Liquid integrity testing for protective clothing; New project: Heavy snow loads and the national fuel gas code
  • May/June
    New Report: Lithium Ion Battery Flammability Characterization; The next five years in fire and electrical safety; New Report: Risk Based Decision Support Tool in Managing Unwanted Alarms
  • March/April
    Foundation symposium targets wide range of fire research projects; the next five years in fire and electrical safety; Home Fire Sprinklers Cost Assessment: Take 2
  • January/February
    Foundation to host research charrette on protection challenges; New project: Evaluation of Fire Service Training Fires; New report: Applying Reliability Based Decision Making to ITM Frequency


  • November/December
    New project: Real-time personal IDLH sensors; New report: Antifreeze Solutions Supplied Through Spray Sprinklers; New report: Safety Challenges of Green Buildings
  • September/October
    Join us in Chicago for our Fire Safety Design and Sustainable Buildings Symposium; New project: Evaluating cooking fire mitigation technologies; New project: Lithium ion batteries in storage; New project: Sprinkler protection for cloud ceilings
  • July/August
    Best practices for emergency response to electric vehicle battery incidents; New project: evaluation of water additives for fire control and vapor mitigation
  • May/June
    Student Project Initiative; New Project: Sprinkler Protection for Cloud Ceilings; New Project: Safety Challenges of "Green" Buildings
  • March/April
    Global research update: HIgh Challenge Storage Protection; Webinar to focus on electrical safety; New Research Foundation projects
  • January/February
    Effectiveness of home cooking safety technologies; Global research update: High challenge storage protection; New Research Foundation reports


  • November/December
    Health Care Summit; New Research Foundation reports; New project focuses on validation of modeling tools for detecting design in high air flow environments
  • September/October
    New Research Foundation reports; New Research Foundation projects; Research Foundation to assist in prioritizing needs for structural fire research
  • July/August
    Bridgestone Award, Foundation Medal presented at NFPA Conference in Boston; New Research Foundation reports; Award-winning research papers available online for limited time
  • March/April
    New and developing projects; New Research Foundation reports; Foundation Project Webinar Series
  • January/February
    Lithium Ion Battery Storage Hazard Assessment; IBCs in Aqueous Solutions; U.S. National Electric Vehicle Safety Standards Summit Summary report





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