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  • January/February 2016
    Mark your calendars! The 2016 Fire Suppression, Detection and Signaling Symposium


  • November/December 2015
    Smart Homes Summit: How can smart technology help solve the fire problem?
  • September/October 2015
    2014 U.S. Fire Loss Report: The number of structure fires, deaths and injuries in the United States continue to trend downwards. But when adjusted for inflation, the dollar loss per fire is on the rise, with an increase of over 35% since 1977.
  • July/August 2015
    NFPA's Firefighter Fatalities Report: A breakdown of 2014's on-duty deaths, sharply lower from the previous year despite a rise in sudden cardiac deaths.
  • May/June 2015
    A new report lays foundation for next generation of PASS technology, identifying opportunities for enhancement; Did a fire department in your area receive an iPad? Find out!; Should fire departments be required to replace apparatus tires every seven years? A new foundation report looks into this question.
  • March/April 2015
    SupDet 2015 in Orlando, FL, highlights new developments in fire detection and suppression research; How quickly does CO seep through walls? At a surprisingly high rate, according to findings from Carbon Monoxide Diffusion through Porous Walls: A Critical Review of Literature and Incidents
  • January/February 2015
    Strains, sprains and pain still the leading types of firefighter injury; Fires in residential properties under construction or undergoing major renovation; Suppression and detection research symposium (SUPDET 2015) registrations and sponsorships in full swing

More from our archives:

Fire Analysis News: a quarterly e-newsletter from NFPA's Fire Analysis & Research Division and provides the latest statistics, news and fire research reports.

  • October 2014
    U.S. fires decrease, but fire deaths increase in 2013; Twenty fires reported in 2013 resulted in 122 deaths; The spotlight is on smoke alarms; A month-by-month look at the causes of fire
  • July 2014
    NFPA's 2013 firefighter fatality study released; Physical disability as a factor in fire deaths; Total cost of fire up from 1980; Fire data: today and tomorrow
  • March 2014
    Smoke alarms still making a difference; Volunteer firefighter injuries; Free webinar on unwanted alarms; NFPA names new president
  • November 2013
    Firefighter injuries continue to decrease; Large-loss fires in the 2012; Brush, grass and forest fires take a toll on private property; "Fire-Safe" cigarettes contribute to decrease in smoking fire deaths
  • September 2013
    U.S. fire deaths reach a new all-time low; How upholstered furniture contributes to fire losses; Catastrophic fires killed 82 people in 2012; College students need Fire Safety 101.
  • July 2013
    The 2012 firefighter fatality study; Work in progress: America burning at 40; Home fires cause the majority of fire deaths; Fire departments do more than fighter fires.
Fire Protection Research Foundation a bi-monthly e-newsletter on new projects, reports, research planning developments, and upcoming symposia.


  • November/December 
    Foundation seeks participants in research effort to develop guidance for obstruction rules for ESFR sprinklers; Assessment of Hazardous Voltage/Current in Marinas, Boatyards and Floating Buildings; Pilot Demonstration of an Impact Evaluation Protocol: NIST NCST Recommendations Arising from The Station Nightclub Fire
  • September/October 
    Foundation research contributes to development of new technologies to prevent cooking fires; New report: Using crowdsourcing to develop emergency responder SOPs; New report: Sprinkler protection for the (small) clouds; New report: Validating the Fire Safety Evaluation System (FSES) for Healthcare against the Current Life Safety Code
  • July/August
    Call for papers issued for SupDet 2015; Explore NFPA's peer reviewed journal Fire Technology; New report: Fire Hazards of Exterior Wall Assemblies Containing Combustible Components; Proceedings available: symposium on high challenge warehouse storage protection
  • May/June
    "Contain IBC Fire Risk" education and awareness campaign launched; New guidance document on NFPA 72 focuses on emergency communication strategies for buildings; Request for proposals: Pathways for Building Fire Spread in the Wildland Urban Interface
  • March/April
    Join us in London for a research update on high challenge storage protection; See highlights of SupDet symposium in Orlando; Developing project: Lithium Ion Batteries Storage Sprinkler Protection
  • January/February
    Join us in Orlando for SupDet 2014; Free webinar: Responding to Electric Vehicle Fires; New Projects at the Foundation; Call for proposals issued; New Report: Fire Safety Challenges of Tall Wood Buildings


  • November/December
    Foundation invited to develop research agenda for smart fire fighting; Join us in Orlando for SupDet 2014; Cooking fire research continues; Cost of installing home fire sprinklers down from 2008
  • September/October
    New report: Cost of installing home fire sprinklers down from 2008; New report: Emergency Response to Incidents Involving Electric Vehicle Battery Hazards; New report: Sprinkler Protection for Cloud Ceilings
  • July/August
    Industry leaders reflect on the next five years in fire and electrical safety; Bigglestone Award presented to University of Texas at Austin researchers; New project : Liquid integrity testing for protective clothing; New project: Heavy snow loads and the national fuel gas code
  • May/June
    New Report: Lithium Ion Battery Flammability Characterization; The next five years in fire and electrical safety; New Report: Risk Based Decision Support Tool in Managing Unwanted Alarms
  • March/April
    Foundation symposium targets wide range of fire research projects; the next five years in fire and electrical safety; Home Fire Sprinklers Cost Assessment: Take 2
  • January/February
    Foundation to host research charrette on protection challenges; New project: Evaluation of Fire Service Training Fires; New report: Applying Reliability Based Decision Making to ITM Frequency


  • November/December
    New project: Real-time personal IDLH sensors; New report: Antifreeze Solutions Supplied Through Spray Sprinklers; New report: Safety Challenges of Green Buildings
  • September/October
    Join us in Chicago for our Fire Safety Design and Sustainable Buildings Symposium; New project: Evaluating cooking fire mitigation technologies; New project: Lithium ion batteries in storage; New project: Sprinkler protection for cloud ceilings
  • July/August
    Best practices for emergency response to electric vehicle battery incidents; New project: evaluation of water additives for fire control and vapor mitigation
  • May/June
    Student Project Initiative; New Project: Sprinkler Protection for Cloud Ceilings; New Project: Safety Challenges of "Green" Buildings
  • March/April
    Global research update: HIgh Challenge Storage Protection; Webinar to focus on electrical safety; New Research Foundation projects
  • January/February
    Effectiveness of home cooking safety technologies; Global research update: High challenge storage protection; New Research Foundation reports


  • November/December
    Health Care Summit; New Research Foundation reports; New project focuses on validation of modeling tools for detecting design in high air flow environments
  • September/October
    New Research Foundation reports; New Research Foundation projects; Research Foundation to assist in prioritizing needs for structural fire research
  • July/August
    Bridgestone Award, Foundation Medal presented at NFPA Conference in Boston; New Research Foundation reports; Award-winning research papers available online for limited time
  • March/April
    New and developing projects; New Research Foundation reports; Foundation Project Webinar Series
  • January/February
    Lithium Ion Battery Storage Hazard Assessment; IBCs in Aqueous Solutions; U.S. National Electric Vehicle Safety Standards Summit Summary report





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