First responders

Strength in numbers

In the new issue of NFPA Journal®, Russ Sanders and Ben Klaene look at how the fire service can play a key role in an integrated approach to responding to mass-casualty shootings.

"There is a real and present threat that must be addressed, and an obvious need for all organizations involved to work together when confronted by an armed individual who has either already killed and injured people or is threatening to do so. Stakeholder organizations, along with other key law enforcement groups, have committed to work together at all levels to accomplish the established objectives, which above all else seek to ensure the safety of all responders at these dangerous and unpredictable events."

Chiefs endorse documents on active shooters and community risk assessment
During the September 2013 meeting of the Urban Fire Forum at NFPA headquarters in Quincy, MA, fire chiefs from around the world endorsed two important documents for today’s fire service:

NFPA 's Robert Solomon talks about "lockdowns" and how explains how procedures and protocols prescribed by NFPA's codes and standards need examination with regards to active shooter and other hazardous  events.

Free research, tactics, techniques and procedures on mass casualty decontamination for first responders
The U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center offers free resources for first responders in its Updated Guidelines for Mass Casualty Decontamination During a HAZMAT/Weapon of Mass Destruction IncidentThe updated guidelines include concise descriptions of procedures and checklists to set up and execute mass casualty decontamination (Volume I) as well as in-depth discussions of HAZMAT/WMD mass casualty decontamination (Volume II). Both volumes include high-resolution graphics developed for emergency reference and training materials for use in multi-lingual communities. The guidelines were updated with input from community responders, Army responders, and Department of Defense medical and chemical-biological technical expertise. 

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