Urban Fire Safety Task Force

2013 Urban Task Force 

The Urban Fire Safety Task Force is composed of public fire safety educators/community risk reduction officers from North American cities with populations of 250,000 or more.  Members presently are from 26 cities. The purpose of the Task Force is to examine the unique challenges facing fire and life safety educators in large cities. The task force develops strategies to address those challenges and shares them with large city fire departments. The task force also looks at how to implement the recommendations of the 2007 Urban Fire Safety Report (PDF, 737 KB) in an increasing number of North American cities. 

Some of the issues that the task force is currently addressing are staffing public education programs, best practices in school outreach programs, and firefighters outreach to high-risk communities. 

Urban Fire Safety Task Force meeting minutes
Urban Task Force members

Olden Allen, Lt., Community Risk Reduction
Atlanta Fire Rescue
Atlanta, GA

David Girouard, Battalion Chief
Austin Fire Department
Austin, TX

Amy Krise,
Senior Fire & Life Safety Educator
Charlotte Fire Department
Charlotte, NC

Joseph Roccosalva, Deputy District Chief
Chicago Fire Department
Chicago, IL

Fred Prather, District Fire Chief
Cincinnati Fire Department
Cincinnati, OH

Larry Gray, Public Information Officer
Cleveland Division of Fire
Cleveland, OH

David Sawyer, Lt., Community Liaison Officer
Columbus Division of Fire
Columbus, OH

Felicia Hill, Senior Inspector
Dallas Fire Rescue
Dallas, TX

Theresa Halsell, Lt., Community Relations Division
Detroit Fire Department
Detroit, MI

Mario Arrotta, Assistant Fire Marshal
Edmonton Fire Rescue Services
Edmonton, AB Canada

John Concha, Fire Inspector
El Paso Fire Department
El Paso, TX

John Verbeek, Assistant Deputy Chief
Hamilton Fire Department
Hamilton, ON Canada

Floyd Peoples, Chief Fire Marshal
Kansas City Fire Department
Kansas City, MO

Kwame Cooper, Assistant Chief
*UFLSTF Chairperson
Los Angeles City Fire Department
Los Angeles, CA

Brian Meurer, Major, Assistant Fire Marshal
Louisville Division of Fire
Louisville, KY

Daryl Payton, Deputy Chief
Memphis Fire Department
Memphis, TN

Maria Rosen, Fire & Life Safety Educator
Miami Fire Rescue
Miami, FL

Schuyler Belott, Captain, Fire Investigation Unit
Milwaukee Fire Department
Milwaukee, WI

Casidy Anderson, Community Risk Reduction Officer
Minneapolis Fire Department
Minneapolis, MN

Robert Doyle, Life Safety Compliance Officer
New Haven Fire Department
New Haven, CT

J. Kevin Berry, Chief, Public Education
Oklahoma City Fire Department
Oklahoma City, OK

Derrick Sawyer, Fire Commissioner
Philadelphia Fire Department
Philadelphia, PA

Ron Campbell, Fire Prevention Coordinator
Raleigh Fire Department
Raleigh, NC

Derrick Phillips, Battalion Chief
St. Louis Fire Department
St. Louis, MO

Dana Catts, Education Specialist
Seattle Fire Department
Seattle, WA

Tom Hufford, Assistant Fire Marshal
Tulsa Fire Department
Tulsa, OK

Aleazor Taylor, Juvenile Firesetter Counselor
DC Fire & EMS Department
Washington, DC

­­­­­NFPA Public Education Staff Liaisons for the Urban Fire & Life Safety Task Force

Karen Berard-Reed, Senior Project Manager High Risk Outreach

Lisa Braxton, Associate Project Manager

Judy Comoletti, Public Education Division Manager

Jeff Donahue, Public Education Specialist, Western Region

Meredith Hawes, Public Education Specialist, Central & Mid-Atlantic Region

Kelly Ransdell, Public Education Specialist, New England and Southern Region


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