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FPW cooking safety lesson


  • Learn cooking safety rules.
  • Create a take-home manipulative to show size of “kid-free zone.”
  • Share knowledge gained with family members.
  • Assess the safety of their family through a take-home checklist.
  • Demonstrate safe behaviors.


  • Make copies of the “kid-free zone” worksheet (*see Activity #1 for additional hints), story characters worksheet and safety checklist for each student
  • Gather materials for “kid-free zone” activity (scissors, glue/tape) and puppet making activity (scissors, glue, crayons, craft sticks)

FPW storyLesson: Story – Happy Birthday Sparky! (PDF, 69 KB) 

  • Pre-reading: Activate prior knowledge with questions, and introduce vocabulary
  • Questions:
    • Have you ever had a birthday party at your home?
    • Do you help your family in the kitchen?
    • Is there a microwave in your kitchen? Have you ever used it?
  • Vocabulary:  beautiful, cautious, decorating, delicious, exact, extremely, famous, risk, steam
  • During reading: ask students to be listening for risky situations.  Quietly put thumbs down if they hear something risky about to take place.
  • After reading: Questions and story discussion.
  • Questions:
    • What things did you learn from the story?
    • Which puppy are you most like?
    • Which puppy, Dakota or Dudley, acts most safely? How do you know?
    • Do you remember when Dakota was running into the kitchen? Show how you should enter a kitchen.
    • What do you think the present for Sparky was? Why? (Possible journal entry)

Kids-free zone in the kitchenActivity #1 – Kid Free Zone (PDF, 1 MB)
Teachers: you may want to number the pieces on the front for the youngest students OR number the pieces on the back before copying to make this a self-checking activity.


  • Ask students if they remember hearing about the “kid-free zone” in the story. 
  • How far should children stay away from the stove? (If they don’t remember: it is 3 feet) 
  • Ask for volunteers to show how long they think 3 feet is.
  • Show the worksheet and use a ruler to measure the first section (each is 6 inches). 
  • Discuss with the students the fact that when all 6 pieces are put together it will add up to 36 inches or 3 feet.
  • Explain to the students that the pieces must be cut apart and put back together to make a safety sentence.
  • This 3 feet long piece of paper should then be taken home.  Each student should act as a safety expert and lay it down in front of their stove and explain to their family that children and pets must stay that far away when a grown-up is cooking.

Extension: Copy the safety sentence in a journal or on writing paper and illustrate.

Activity #2 – Fire Safety Mazes


Activity #3 – Letter Writing

Kitchen checklistProcedure:

  • Print out the Fire Prevention Week Letter Home to Parents (PDF, 3 MB). Have students compose a letter (or create one as a whole class using interactive writing for the youngest students) to their family on the back of the letter explaining the importance of kitchen safety and asking them to complete and return the safety checklist.
  • Send home letter with students.

Hint: Increase the likelihood of getting all checklists back by offering a reward for the return of signed and completed checklists.

Activity #4 – Poster Creation


  • Ask students to create a poster for their kitchen at home that includes the safety rules learned to remind their family to be safe everyday in the kitchen.
  • Option: use the included “Recipe for Safety(PDF, 26 KB) mini poster and have students glue it to construction paper and create a border.

Extension: Have a class poster contest.  Invite the principal to come to find out what the students learned about cooking safety and judge the contest!

Activity #5 – Internet Connection

Procedure: www.sparky.org 

  • Students can find out all about fire safety and even play games!
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Join NFPA® - Get a wealth of information, benefits and services not available anywhere else!
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