Simple steps to get media attention for Fire Prevention Week

Call for attention
Call or e-mail local media to remind them that Fire Prevention Week is taking place and provide journalists with important safety tips. Also, offer to arrange a spokesperson for interviews.

Spread the word
Send a news release to the local media.

Social media
Share information, safety tips, or FPW activities through your social media channels. Feel free to use messages the NFPA and Sparky the Fire Dog push out, or create your own! Find our social sites here:

Back to school
Arrange to visit a local school to educate students about fire prevention and invite local media to attend and cover the visit. Remember that the media will be looking for opportunities to take photos so it may be a good idea to have visuals available (equipment, hats, fire gear) or offer to show the students the fire truck and suggest the photo be done with the truck.

Letters to the editor/Op-ed
Write a letter to the editor to your local newspaper promoting the importance of fire prevention or customize the op-ed on our website and submit it to your local paper.

Community outreach
Host community events or participate in community events being hosted by other organizations during Fire Prevention Week and invite the media.

In This Section
  • Op/ed Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper promoting the importance of smoke alarms.
  • Sample news release Use the template to send a news release to your local newspaper.
  • Sample proclamation A gubernatorial proclamation can spotlight the fire safety work of first responders in your state/province.
  • Social media messages Help NFPA spread Fire Prevention Week messages through Twitter and Facebook.
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