Nightclubs and other assembly occupancies

A fire at the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria, Brazil, on January 27, 2013, killed more than 240 people. Photo: AP Photo/Agencia RBS

Fires in assembly occupancies have shown to be some of the most deadly when the proper features, systems and construction materials were not present. Nightclubs, theaters and auditoriums differ from office buildings because they contain a large number of people in one main space. NFPA code provisions mandate that a considerable number of safety systems and features be present in order to keep everyone safe should an unwanted fire occur. The level of safety provided is not the result of any single safety system or feature, but rather is achieved through the combination of multiple safeguards that are provided.

Video: Former NFPA president Jim Shannon says what makes the Brazil nightclub fire so heartbreaking is that it could have been avoided with adherence to codes including the use of sprinklers.

Video: NFPA's Robert Solomon says consumers need to know how to protect themselves when they visit nightclubs and other public assembly venues.

Video: NFPA's Lisa Braxton says it's important to know what precautions to take before entering a building, while you are there and during an emergency. 

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