Firewise How To NewsletterRead Fire Break, the monthly newsletter of NFPA's Wildland Operations Division, and The How-To Newsletter from Firewise.

Firewise Communities: The How-To Newsletter
The How-To newsletter is published quarterly and distributed to residents of Firewise Communities/USA recognized sites and other interested folks. If you're a homeowner or community resident whose home is located in a region susceptible to wildfires, this newsletter will provide you with timely, pertinent information on how to best protect your home and yourself in the event of wildfire.

Fire Break, the monthly newsletter of NFPA’s Wildland Fire Operations Division
Fire Break NewsletterFire Break is published monthly and distributed to leading wildland fire experts, Firewise® community representatives, community planners, civic leaders, homeowners and residents, insurance professionals, landscape architects and others who live and work in the wildland/urban interface. In each issue, you’ll find the latest news and information on mitigating your wildfire risk to take back to your communities, organization or fire house.

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