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NFPA is your source for fire safety educational materials for people with disabilities.

More than 43 million Americans have a disability. The identity of the group of Americans with disabilities is constantly changing — at any moment we ourselves could become part of this group, for maybe a short time or maybe for a long time. NFPA has long been involved with developing strategies and fire safety educational materials for people with disabilities. Please download and use any of the free educational materials we have developed for people with disabilities, friends and families, and workplaces, schools and communities. You can also subscribe to our free quarterly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on news and issues on this important topic. 

Featured resource 
Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide
NFPA's Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide for People with Disabilities provides information on the five general categories of disabilities (mobility, visual, hearing, speech, and cognitive) and the four elements of evacuation information that occupants need:  notification, way finding, use of the way, and assistance. It also includes a checklist that building services managers and people with disabilities can use to design a personalized evacuation plan, as well as government resources and text based on the relevant code requirements and ADA criteria.

In this presentation, an overview is given on the care that needs to be taken when using electricity, the proper way to plug in appliances, and what to do if fuses blows or circuit breakers trip.

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Featured Product
NFPA® Pocket Guide to the ADA & ABA
Find accessibility requirements at-a-glance in NFPA®'s easy-to-use Pocket Guide to the ADA & ABA.
Item #: PGADA08

NFPA® Pocket Guide to the ADA & ABA - Book
NFPA® Pocket Guide to the ADA & ABA - Book
Item #: PGADA08

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