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Published on January 29, 2013

Fire Prevention and Safety in the City of Memphis (PDF, 225 KB)
In 2012, the NFPA’s Public Education Division began a partnership with the Memphis Fire Department to develop strategy to reduce the numbers of fire deaths, injuries and fires in Memphis. NFPA hired Harvest Research Group LLC to conduct focus groups among residents and ministers in the neighborhoods with the most fire runs and fire deaths.  

The goal of this research effort was to explore perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors regarding fires and fire prevention, specifically:

  • The salience and awareness of fire danger
  • Knowledge of common causes of residential fires
  • Awareness of fire safety measures
  • Ideas and suggestions for fire safety outreach programs
  • Motivations for behavior change 

In addition, Harvest Research Group gauged reactions to existing and proposed three Fire Department outreach programs. Read this report, which has information that is useful to fire department personnel all over who are interested in more effectively reaching high-risk populations.

Fire Prevention and Safety in the City of El Paso (PDF, 444 KB)
The El Paso Fire Department and NFPA ran focus groups to investigate and explore the most effective ways for the El Paso Fire Department  to reach residents with fire prevention information or smoke alarm installation, especially in high-risk neighborhoods in El Paso.

Through qualitative research, NFPA explored the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of the residents of El Paso as they relate to all aspects of fire under the following main topics: 

  • Current awareness and opinions towards fires and fire prevention;
  • Exploration of fire education needs and opportunities;
  • Assessment of EPFD’s community and public opinion strengths and potential ways to transfer brand equities;
  • Prioritization and evaluation of EPFD initiatives;
  • Assessment of public participation in EPFD’s initiatives, such as fire alarm installation and other educational efforts;
  • Exploration of emotional hot buttons for the creation of communication messages; and
  • Exploration of cultural information or consumer behavior relevant to fire prevention strategies.

Fire Prevention and Safety in the City of Hamilton (PDF, 257 KB)
Hamilton Emergency Services and NFPA released the results of the focus groups that were conducted in Hamilton, Ontario neighborhoods at highest risk for fire and fire deaths and injuries. Participants in the focus groups were a mix of college students, older adults, parents, single people, homeowners, renters and new immigrants. NFPA contracted with Sensory Services, of LTD of Mississauga to run the focus groups.

NFPA and Hamilton Emergency Services sought to better understand the following:

  • People’s reaction to how fast fire spreads
  • Need for smoke alarms, best ways to reach people with fire safety messages
  • Knowledge of fire prevention messages and smoke alarm laws
  • Health or safety messages they received in the past that encouraged them to change their personal behaviors 

Preventing Arson Together 
powerpoint (8.2 MB) that focuses on actions people in neighborhoods can to do to help prevent a variety of types of arson. This presentation is designed for fire and life safety educators to present. 

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