Educational Messages Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee Members

  • Bev Gilbert (Chair), Gilbert and Associates
  • Marty Ahrens, NFPA
  • Karen Berard-Reed, NFPA
  • Brett Brenner, Electrical Safety Foundation International
  • April Briggs, NFPA
  • Gary Carter, Bessemer, AL, Fire Department
  • Judy Comoletti, NFPA
  • Kwame Cooper, LA City Fire Department
  • Steve Dornbusch, NFPA
  • Ernest Grant, North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center
  • Larry Gray, Cleveland Fire Department
  • Amy LeBeau, NFPA
  • Tom McGowan, NFPA
  • Jorge Mederos, Ft. Lauderdale Fire/Rescue Dept.
  • Angela D. Mickalide,Children's National Medical Center
  • Patricia Mieszala, Burn Concerns
  • Teresa Neal, U.S. Fire Administration
  • Gerri Penney, Palm Beach County Fire/Rescue
  • Nancy Trench, Oklahoma State University
  • Lisa Braxton, NFPA Staff Liaison

The Educational Messages Advisory Committee meets periodically to review NFPA’s fire safety education messages and to provide recommendations to NFPA public education staff for updating and revising the messages. See the latest edition of the Educational Messages Desk Reference–the 2015 Edition.

The messages are used throughout NFPA’s educational programs, curricula, and handouts, and provide fire and life safety educators with accurate and consistent language for use when offering safety information to the public.

Each topic area is self-contained, written so that all the information needed on a certain subject is provided within that category. As a result, some messaging may be repeated throughout topic areas.

Educational Messages Advisory Committee
NFPA's Educational Messages Advisory Committee