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Pizza and smoke alarms for 2014 FPW

Sparky the Fire Dog® talks about NFPA's partnership with Domino's during Fire Prevention Week.


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Approximately 100 Domino’s® Pizza stores and local fire departments have joined forces to deliver fire safety messages and pizza during Fire Prevention Week, October 5-11, 2014. This is the 7th year that NFPA and Domino’s have teamed up to promote smoke alarm safety during FPW.

Here’s how the program works: Customers who order from participating Domino’s stores may be randomly selected to receive their delivery aboard the local fire department’s fire engine. Upon arrival at their home, firefighters conduct a smoke alarm check. If all the smoke alarms in the home are working, the pizza order is free. If a smoke alarm isn’t working, the firefighters will replace the batteries or install a fully-functioning fire safety device.

Domino’s also works to promoting the FPW campaign theme on its pizza box toppers, which include  wealth of information on smoke alarms, including tips on installation, maintenance and testing.

Domino’s officially kicked off this year’s campaign on Tuesday, September 30, at the Detroit Fire Department with great success. More than 40 students from a nearby elementary school were invited to participate in the festivities. You can read our blog for more details about the event.

Puckett Family   

Sparky on a fire engine

The Puckett family of Detroit, MI, was thrilled
to receive a smoke alarm inspection. While
their home did have working smoke alarms,
additional alarms were needed and installed.

Sparky the Fire Dog® waves goodbye as
he prepares to make the first pizza delivery
of the season with Domino’s Pizza.


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