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Sparky goes Hollywood

NFPA's Lorraine Carli, Sparky and Betty White
The issue of fire safety got a little dose of Hollywood glamour at the American Humane Association's "Hero Dog Award" ceremonies in Los Angeles. Sparky was the "official spokesdog" of the event, and got to walk the red carpet, meet with national media, and hobnob with celebrities, including Betty White.

Sparky the Fire Dog was created for NFPA in 1951 and has been the organization’s official mascot and spokesdog ever since. website

The official Sparky the Fire Dog® website allows kids to explore and learn about fire safety in a safe and interactive environment. The popular ad-free site features sections for children of all ages, even providing voice-overs for younger children who cannot read yet. The diverse activities range from a fire truck section, cartoons, family activities, seasonal Sparky e-cards for kids to send to friends and family, and parent and educator information.

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About Sparky the Fire Dog

Sparky the Fire Dog® was created for NFPA in 1951 and has been the organization’s official mascot and spokesdog ever since. He is a widely recognized fire safety icon that is beloved by children and adults alike. Millions have learned about fire safety through educational lessons and materials featuring his image and he is more active than ever today. Sparky frequently visits schools and participates in community events to spread fire safety messages, often accompanied by his firefighter friends. In addition to connecting with the public through public service announcements and his featured role in Fire Prevention Week campaigns each October, he hosts a very active website. Sparky the Fire Dog® is a registered trademark of NFPA.

It's a Fire Dog's Life

A retrospective of the life of my favorite fire dog. Or, why it’s a lot easier turning 60 when your best friend is doing it, too.

Sparky the Fire Dog and Steve Dornbusch
By Steve Dornbusch
NFPA Journal®, September/October 2011

You’ve probably heard the news by now, but Sparky®, NFPA’s official spokesdog, is celebrating his 60th birthday this year. Since my job title here at NFPA is Senior Project Manager for Public Education Products — otherwise known as “Sparky’s dad” — his birthday is a pretty big deal for me, and not just because I turned 60 this year, too. Because of his spokesdog responsibilities — in print, on screen, and in big, furry real life — Sparky’s image, messages, and personality are very important. As I bring Sparky to life, I try to maintain strict standards for his appearance and how he’s represented in person and across many media. It’s important to maintain what I call “Sparky integrity.” Fire can be frightening to children, who are among those at highest risk from its dangers. So while I try to make Sparky fun and friendly, I’m also careful to show that he’s serious when he talks about the dangers of fire. To children, he’s an authority figure with an important message, but it’s important that he never be preachy.

Read the full article from NFPA Journal.

NFPA Senior Project Manager Steve Dornbusch describes how Sparky®'s image, message, and personality has evolved over the last 60 years.

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