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Check out our household pet/horse preparedness podcast that NFPA recorded with our great partner, State Farm, on Pet Life Radio. It’s episode 94 on “A Super Smiley Adventurew/Megan Blake”.

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Community service funding award recipients

Ten students were selected as $500 TakeAction community service funding award recipients for projects that reduce wildfire risks or increase preparedness. Read stories about some of the implemented projects.

TakeAction - Teens for Wildfire Safe Communities

Kids working together on a project

Throughout the U.S. more than 8 million students in grades 6 -12 live in a community with wildfire risks. If you're in that age group, you’ll be glad to know there’s a lot you can do to make the place where you live safer! Planning and preparing your pets and horses for a wildfire evacuation is another important activity that you can easily undertake, it’s a role that will help both you and them be ready when wildfires happen.

TakeAction is a campaign that provides resources and projects that benefit young adults, their families and neighbors, along with pets, horses and even local water sources. Get involved through an individual or family project (PDF, 12 MB), or do a community service project that reduces wildfire risks, or post-fire impacts like flooding and mudslides. 

Learn why you should get involved and become empowered! Share the Wildfire Facts, Community Service and Pets/Horses videos with your friends and start making plans that will make you, your pets and entire neighborhood better prepared for a future wildfire.

Everyone, including our nation’s youth, can play a role in helping minimize the chances a wildland fire will impact their homes and lives. It starts with being empowered--knowing what to do, and how to be prepared!

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