Webinars - Influence of gap size

Thursday, September 7, 12:30-2:00 pm ET

Influence of gap size around swinging doors on fire and smoke development
Drew Martin, Consultant, Arup

Presenters: Drew Martin, Consultant, Arup, Keith E. Pardoe, President, Pardoe Consulting, LLC.

Fire development, smoke movement are affected by the gap sizes around a fire door (i.e. between the frame and the hinge side(s) of the door, between the latch side(s) of the door, between the frame and the top of the door, and between the bottom of the door and floor). Hence these gap sizes are regulated. This webinar will discuss the performance of the clearance dimension around single and double egress swinging fire rated wood and steel doors on fire development and smoke movement in a NFPA 252 furnace environment.

Who will benefit: Provides technical data to help manufacturers, builders, codes and standards writers.

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