T35 The Intersection of Fire Safety and Sustainable Building Design (PDF, 3 MB) 
Presenter(s): Louis Gritzo, FM Global; Amanda Kimball, Fire Protection Research Foundation; Brian Meacham, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Daniel O'Connor, Aon Fire Protection Engineering; Tracy Vecchiarelli, NFPA
This session will be a panel presentation and discussion on the challenges and opportunities for fire safety design in sustainable buildings. The outcomes of a research effort undertaken by the Fire Protection Research Foundation that involved the documentation of a set of green building design elements that increase safety hazards as well as best practices for hazard risk mitigation will be discussed. This session will explore how fire protection research and other critical thinking activities are contributing to sustainability goals. Research in the areas of fire detection, fire suppression, HVLS fan technology, building design and others will be presented, demonstrating that fire safety features and systems applications can be resolved to provide for more efficient, sustainable design. “Green” certifications have been a hot topic in the past few years. Building owners and designers looking to meet these “green” certifications have made changes to building design, technology, and materials. How do these changes relate to fire safety? This discussion will provide an overview of green certifications and how they are being addressed by Codes & Standards.
Sponsors: Architects, Engineers, & Building Officials Section, Fire Science and Technology Educators Section, Fire Protection Research Foundation 

T36 Â­Residential Sprinkler Update (NFPA 13/13R/13D) 
Presenter(s): Bob Caputo, Fire & Life Safety America; Matt Klaus, NFPA
This session will discuss the changes to the 2013 editions of NFPA 13/13R/13D related to residential fire sprinkler systems design and installation requirements. 

T72 Â­Deployment of Hydrogen Fuel Cells — Safety Considerations and Resources (PDF, 6.5 MB)
Presenter(s): Nick Barilo and Steven Weiner, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Charles James, U.S. Department of Energy
Hydrogen fuel cells are a key element of a broad portfolio for building a competitive, secure, and sustainable clean energy economy. This session will discuss the current status of hydrogen fuel cells and the applicable Codes & Standards that enable their deployment. The resources to be discussed play a key role in reaching, educating, and informing stakeholders, whose contributions will help enable a broad set of fuel cell applications.

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