Official general contractor/decorator

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Contact ROC Exhibitions Inc. about reserving a booth, marketing and sponsorships, and information for exhibitors from outside the U.S.

Freeman online ordering
Discount deadline: May 16
Save money by ordering Freeman services online.

Payment & third party authorization
Furnishings, Booth Rentals, & Carpet
Discount deadline: May 16

Furnishing packages
Freeman Totalflex: Carpet, tables, chairs, cleaning and material handling bundled for savings.

 A la carte Options

Carpet - Aisle carpet is tuxedo (black/grey blend). All booths must have some sort of floor covering. You may bring your own or rent from Freeman.

Furnishing Essentials
Basic tables, chairs and accessories

Select Furnishing
Additional furniture options

Rental exhibits

Signs & banners

Installation, dismantle and labor

Shipping, POV, & material handling

POV- Privately owned vehicles

Exhibit transportation

Outbound freight procedures

Material handling

Bottom blue line

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