Special Achievement Award

This award is presented to recognize the significant contribution of a committee member to a single project that has enhanced the NFPA codes- and standards-making process.

Nominations are accepted year-round. Download a nomination form (PDF, 8 KB), and return to the Codes and Standards Administration Department.


2015 - Weston C. Baker, Bruce G. Campbell

2014 - Gayle Pennel

2013 - William E. Peterson, Dr. Shane M. Clary, Joseph M. Jardin

2012 - Maurice M. Pilette

2011 - Thomas R. Crane, William Jackson, James K. Lathrop

2010 - William H. Barlen, Dale E. Dressel, Peter J. WIlse

2009 - Art Black, Robert J. James

2008 - William Conner, Wayne D. Moore, Vicki O'Neil

2007 - Donald P. Bliss, Lloyd W. Bokman, Jim A. Crawford, Dr. James A. Milke, Robert T. Wickham

2006 - Harold Hicks, Jr., Algirdas Underys

2005 - Jerry Wooldridge

2004 - David P. Demers, John M. Tobias

2003 - Lawrence M. Krasner, Kenneth W. Linder, Samuel E. McTier, Thomas J. Wysocki

2002 - Jesse J. Beitel, Jack Mawhinney, Henry Renfrew, James H. Stannard, Jr., William L. Testa

1999 - Robert Ely

1998 - John M. Cholin, Leonard R. Hathaway, Christopher E. Marion, Richard C. Riccardi

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