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NEW! Sparky the Fire Dog® Be Rabbit Ready DVD
Sparky the Fire Dog®: Be Rabbit Ready DVD is #1 for teaching children to have two ways out! 
NFPA®'s new Sparky the Fire Dog®: Be Rabbit Ready DVD is #1 for teaching children to have two ways out in case of a fire! This new lively, fun-filled educational DVD featuring Sparky and his Rabbit Ready friends gives kids a jump on fire safety. Order now!


Sparky® and the Runaway Robot! DVD
Action, excitement, and fun fire safety lessons are sure to make this video a runaway favorite! 
A delightful mix of live footage and clever animation, this video tells the story of the madcap adventures of a Safe-T-Bot who short circuits, races out of the fire station, and becomes an uninvited ''guest'' at the home of a family getting ready for a birthday party. Order now! 

Smoke Alarms: A Sound You Can Live With - DVD 
Show families how a smoke alarm makeover can make a life-or-death difference.
This video features a high-energy mix of quizzes, family challenges, PSAs, plus a fire drill to offer a solid overview of fire safety, smoke alarm testing, and escape planning basics. Order now!

Fire Power - DVD 
Witness the speed and fury of residential fire!
This acclaimed video offers a dramatic, first-hand look at the deadly dynamics of fire... from ignition to full room involvement. Order now!

At Our Age with Tom Bosley DVD
Engaging and educational, this video focuses on the special safety challenges facing older adults.
Starring actor Tom Bosley, NFPA's safety video uses warmth and humor to explore age-related risks - and the fire and fall prevention and emergency response behaviors that can prevent injury or death. Order now!


How to Prevent Home Fires DVD  
Show how small actions are a big help in preventing fires!
Give people the knowledge they need to fight fire and win! NFPA's imaginative new video memorably demonstrates that everyday things, if not used properly, can become dangerous and even life-threatening, but that following simple precautions can head off fires before they start. Order now!


Surviving a Disaster DVD  
Reliable facts are presented in the familiar style of local emergency event coverage.
NFPA®'s Surviving A Disaster video shows your community what could happen...and prepares people to make critical decisions when every second counts! Order now!

Carbon Monoxide: Invisible Killer DVD 
Show this video in your community and help people protect against a deadly hazard!
Filmed in the style of a TV 'how-to' program, this video uses live action scenes and thought-provoking commentary to deliver critical facts about carbon monoxide exposure--and how to drastically reduce the risk of injury or death from exposure to this dangerous gas. Order now!

Fire's Fury - DVD (Grade 6 and up, Family) 
Motivate people to get serious about fire safety by unleashing Fire's Fury!
Most people underestimate the speed and power of fire and smoke. As a result, they don't know the real danger and get complacent about fire safety. After watching NFPA's Fire's Fury video, audiences are sure to take fire safety more seriously and adopt life-saving behaviors to protect themselves and their familyOrder now!

Sparky Says: Get to Know EDITH DVD
Kids are eager to learn about escape planning with the Sparky® Says: Get to Know EDITH DVD!
Make a big impact on little ones as NFPA®'s new Sparky Says: Get to Know EDITH video introduces them to EDITH--Exit Drills In The Home. Order Now!


Sparky Says: Join My Fire Safety Club DVD
Team up with Sparky® and help youngsters take a "sense-ible" approach to fire safety!
This is a lively animated video that teaches children to use their senses of sight, touch, smell, and hearing to stay fire safe. It's a great way for fire departments, schools, libraries, and community and civic organizations to add an extra dimension to fire safety presentations (K-Grade 2). Order now! 

Where There's Smoke, There's Science DVD
Show the facts about fire and smoke!
This fun animated video helps kids understand the science facts behind fire safety behaviors, as three students – one who just experienced a fire at home – prepare projects for a science fair. Youngsters will learn how fires start, why smoke is so dangerous, how to make an escape plan, and why it's important to get out fast and stay out! Grades 2-4. Order now!

The Smoke Alarm Show  DVD
Deliver essential smoke alarm facts with this imaginative video "ed-venture" for all ages!
Two young students are heading home to work on their report about smoke alarms, when a push of the button transports them inside the alarm. There they meet several larger-than-life characters who explain how smoke alarms work and the right way to install, test, and maintain them. Grades 3-6. Order now! 

The Great Escape Challenge DVD
Help families plan for a safe escape from their home!
Don't miss this award winning fast-paced "reality game" where families take the challenge to see if they're prepared to escape a home fire. Contestants race against the clock to score points while demonstrating good emergency response procedures. This video is perfect for fire departments, schools, civic organizations, and community groups.
Grades 3-7. Order now! 

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Featured Product
Sparky® Trading Cards
Give kids a winning hand in the fight against fire with all-new Sparky® Trading Cards!
Item #: TCARDS12
List: $12.50
Member: $11.25

2014 Sparky®'s Activity Book
New for 2014, Sparky®'s Activity Book gets kids fired up about fire safety with 16 pages of fun interactive games and mysteries to solve!
Item #: SPY29X
List: $25.00
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2014 Sparky®'s Coloring Book
Children learn vital fire safety lessons with the 2014 Sparky®'s Coloring Book -- NFPA's #1 product for kids!
Item #: SPY28AD
List: $25.00
Member: $22.50