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National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

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The 2017 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day will be held on Saturday, May 6.

A worthwhile effort

"Without that NFPA grant sponsored by State Farm, we would never have attempted a Drake Wildfire Preparedness picnic for our community. I am proud of the amount of planning and organization that went into it, how various community members stepped up to help, and the participation of representatives of key agencies for our area ... Neighbors met neighbors for the first time, and the most important takeaway for me is that we CAN accomplish this sort of thing in our spread-out community."

Laura Emerson
Drake, CO

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Sponsored by State Farm

Throughout the U.S., more than 200 projects were completed on Saturday, May 7 during national Wildfire Community Preparedness Day. A desire to reduce wildfire’s impacts was embraced by thousands of individuals as they increased preparedness, reduced risk and raised awareness where they live and play.

Activities had residents, fire and forestry professionals and even cadets from the U.S. Air Force Academy working to prepare individual homes, neighborhoods and community assets from future wildfire risks and recent post-fire impacts. This year's most unique effort included a project at America’s only mountain zoo, where more than 700 animals reside in a wildland/urban interface.

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Thank you to everyone who participated! See pictures from many of the events that took place on May 7 on our Facebook photo album. If you want to submit photos of your event, please send to Lauren Backstrom.
Success stories

Activities brought hundreds of neighbors together and encouraged collaborative actions in an effort to protect individual homes, neighborhoods and entire communities from future wildfire risk and current post-fire impacts. More than 200 projects were undertaken throughout the nation making residents and firefighters safer when wildfires happen. NFPA connected with a few of those communities to write about their PrepDay projects. Check them out below. Contact Faith Berry if you would like to add your stories or video links from your project.

NFPA and State Farm are pleased to support the 2016 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day campaign, but have not assessed or evaluated any of the community projects, activities or initiatives. Recognition of any kind in no way implies endorsement or approval of a project, its safety or effectiveness, and the supporters disclaim all liability in connection with any such project, activity or initiative.

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  • Event map See where Prep Day events took place.
  • Success stories Read about some successful projects from the 2016 Prep Day.