Global Research Update: High Challenge Storage Protection
The National Fire Protection Association and the Fire Protection Research Foundation presented a one day seminar on high challenge storage protection in Paris, France, on June 27th, 2012, one day prior to the European Fire Sprinkler Network Conference.

As new high hazard commodities appear in challenging storage arrangements, new approaches to fire protection are required. NFPA and the Fire Protection Research Foundation, in cooperation with the European Fire Sprinkler Network, presented a one day seminar on recent research to address the challenge.

Global research organizations, including Health and Safety Laboratory (U.K.), Ineris (France), and SP (Sweden), served as honorary sponsors of the event. Each organization presented their recent research initiatives on high challenge storage protection, as well as fire protection solutions for automated storage arrangements, hazard assessment of lithium ion batteries and combustible liquids in composite intermediate bulk containers.

U.S. based organizations FM Global, Aon Fire Protection Engineering and Underwriters Laboratories presented recent research on automated storage protection, HVLS fans and sprinkler protection, and new pallet material hazards.

Global insurers XL Insurance, FM Global and Zurich Insurance reviewed emerging storage challenges around the globe, and spoke to the need for continued research to address said challenges.

Three global property owners, IKEA, Valspar and Inditex, reviewed the challenges they face with new commodities and new storage arrangements.

The highly successful seminar counted with an audience of 120 safety professionals.
Europe adopts new fire-safe cigarettes standards

All cigarette sold in Europe must now adhere to fire safety standards. The new standards, which went into effect in November, aim to reduce smoking fires by requiring that cigarettes be manufactured in a way that makes them more likely to self-extinguish if left unattended. The European Commission defined the safety requirements in 2008, and the European Committee on Standardization developed relevant standards.

Such standards have already been turned into legislation in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. Data from Finland, where the mandatory production of fire-safe cigarettes is the law, indicates that the number of victims from cigarette-ignited fires fell 43 percent from 2003 to 2008. In the U.S., where cigarettes are the leading cause of home fire fatalities, NFPA established the Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes to pursue similar legislation throughout the country. By July 2011, fire-safe cigarette laws went into effect in all 50 states.

NFPA delivers seminars in Germany

Frankfurt, Germany – NFPA’s Professional Development team offered both the three day NFPA 13 training program and the three day NFPA 101 training program in Frankfurt, Germany during the week of September 21. This is the first year that NFPA has extended its open registration seminar offerings to Europe. Attendees were very pleased and provided positive feedback. One participant commented, “The instructor presented everything clearly and thoroughly. I feel much more confident about the Life Safety Code.” Other participants requested that NFPA hold seminars in Europe more often. Sixty-six people participated from 15 countries, with the largest number from Germany and Finland. Attendees represented a broad range of consultancies, insurance companies, fire protection manufacturers and even the United Nations. For a full listing of NFPA’s upcoming seminars see the NFPA Calendar.

NFPA and FPRF represented at the 86th Annual IFE General Assembly held in Scotland

Glasgow, Scotland - NFPA board member Peter Holland (Chief Officer of the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service) along with Russ Sanders, NFPA Central Regional Manager, and Casey Grant, Fire Protection Research Foundation Program Director, attended the annual business and technical meeting for the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE). The meeting was held in Glasgow, Scotland during July this year, and included the installation of Toronto Fire Chief William Stewart (immediate Past President of the NFPA/IAFC Metro Chiefs Section) as the new IFE International President. Sanders gave a presentation on “NFPA Global Impact to Fire Engineering” during a session that also had Holland serving as the session moderator. Grant’s presentation was “Wind Driven Fires and Looking at the Future of Fire Engineering in the Next 25 Years”. The Institute is a non-profit professional membership organization founded in 1918 with over 12,000 members and 39 international branches, with headquarters in the UK. Casey Grant and Russ Sanders belong to the U.S. branch. The Institution provides professional recognition for members from the fire service, fire protection engineering community, and others interested in fire safety. Colonna delivers confined space safety training to Coast Guard in Rotterdam

Colonna delivers confined space safety training to Coast Guard in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Guy Colonna, AVP Industrial & Chemical Engineering at NFPA, traveled to Rotterdam, Netherlands, to present the NFPA maritime confined space safe practices seminar for the US Coast Guard during the week of May 25. The Coast Guard conducts field inspection operations from their base in Holland inspecting vessels throughout Europe, West Africa, and the Middle East. NFPA and Delta Laboratory and Gas Testing of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, provide training to field inspection personnel on the hazards of confined spaces and on the best practices to ensure the safety of the inspectors. The 3-day seminar is based upon safety practices found in NFPA 306, Standard for the Control of Gas Hazards on Vessels, and OSHA regulations and has been customized to integrate specific Coast Guard safety policies. This program is part of the confined space safety training offered by NFPA to maritime industry personnel (shipyards, offshore operators, barge and towing operators, tank ship operators, and ABS surveyors) operating in the US or throughout the world.

NFPA in Paris

Meeting of ISO TC 223

Meeting of ISO TC 223, Societal Security
Paris, France - David Trebisacci of NFPA’s Public Fire Protection Division and Dr. Dean Larson, member of the Technical Committee (TC) on Emergency Management and Business Continuity (NFPA 1600®) attended a meeting of ISO TC 223, Societal Security, held in Paris, France on May 25-29. NFPA is the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) administrator to this ISO TC for ANSI (American National Standards Institute), and Dr. Larson serves as head of the U.S. delegation. Other individuals who were part of the U.S. delegation included Dr. Bert Coursey from the Department of Homeland Security, Meliha Dzirlo-Ayvz and Steven Krill of Booz Allen Hamilton, and Monica Rigano of the Security Industry Association (SIA). The delegates participated in the plenary sessions and working groups of the committee.

NFPA has been involved in the ISO TC 223 effort since April 2006, and actively contributes to the development of several of its work items, including guidelines for incident preparation and operational continuity, a management systems standard, a vocabulary document, a document on essential information and data requirements for command and control, a document on warning systems, and several others.

Dr. Larson, in addition to his responsibilities as chair of the U.S. TAG, also contributes his time and expertise to NFPA’s efforts in Latin America for the implementation of NFPA 1600 in that region of the world.

NFPA 1600 is also part of the publically available specification document, ISO/PAS 22399, Societal Security – Guideline for Incident Preparedness and Operational Continuity Management, which is a compilation of five national standards. The next meeting of TC 223 is scheduled for November 16-20, 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Students from Lund University

Lund University students

Students from Lund University, Sweden visit NFPA

Quincy, MA - Each year, Professor Robert Jönsson of Lund University brings a promising young group of students to visit fire protection related organizations in the U.S. While in the Boston area, they make sure to visit NFPA and we receive them with a warm welcome. NFPA staff delivered technical presentations to the students who are about half way through their undergraduate study of fire protection engineering. This year's speakers included NFPA's principal gasses engineer Ted Lemoff, senior chemical specialist Martha Curtis, senior electrical specialist Paul Choiniere, senior fire service safety specialist Bruce Teele, and librarian Sue Marsh who gave them a tour of the Charles S. Morgan Library, home of resource materials collected from national and international sources including more than 15,000 books and reports, 200 periodical titles, archives of NFPA documents since 1896, and educational media such as curricula, videos, games and brochures. While in the U.S., the students went on to visit FM Global test labs, WPI and various other cities and attractions.

Lund University was founded in 1666. Today it is an international center for research and education that has approximately 38,000 students.