IFMA Percy Bugbee Award

In 1969, the International Fire Marshals Association appointed a Merit Awards Board comprising three past Presidents of the Association, one of whom was designated as Chairman.

The Board was organized for the purpose of recognizing, not more than annually, a person whose notable, significant, and enduring contributions to the public safety are in keeping with the highest traditions of the International Fire Marshals Association.

The award was established in honor of Percy Bugbee, a dedicated colleague who for more than 40 years gave of himself untiringly and unselfishly in advancing and supporting the objectives of the International Fire Marshals Association to promote the science and improve the methods of fire protection and fire prevention; to obtain and circulate information on these subjects; and to enlist the cooperation of its members in establishing proper safeguards against loss of life and property by fire.

The symbol of the award is a design approved by the Executive Board of the International Fire Marshals Association. All members of the International Fire Marshals Association shall be eligible to nominate a candidate for the award, using the application form provided by the Association. The application shall be submitted in triplicate to the Chairman of the Merit Awards Board by November 1. Documentation and verification of all statements on the application shall be made by the nominator.

Upon receipt of each application for the award, the Chairman shall confer in person or in writing with other members of the Board, and after a thorough study of the pertinent information on each application, the Board shall rate the qualifications of each candidate. The selection of the award recipient shall be the sole prerogative of the Board, and the final decision shall be made no later than two months prior to the Annual Meeting. The award shall be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

  • 2015 - Jim Crawford
  • 2006 - Ronald R. Farr
  • 2001 - Walter Smittle III
  • 1997 - Jack Sanders
  • 1989 - Howard D. Boyd
  • 1978 - Charles S. Morgan
  • 1977 - Senator Warren G. Magnuson
  • 1969 - Percy Bugbee