Memorandums of Understanding

Part of NFPA’s mission is “to reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards.” To accomplish this mission, NFPA is entering into agreements, called Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s), with National Standards Developers (NSD) in various countries. The general purpose of each MOU is to promote the adoption and/or translation of NFPA standards to accomplish the following: enhance the ability of NFPA and local standards to support the needs of the nation’s people, continue growth of the nation’s economy, and aid in the development of national standards for fire, building, electrical, and life safety.

Below is a list of NFPA’s current MOU’s:

Australia - Fire Protection Association of Australia, signed 2005
Focus: Information exchange

Bolivia - IBNORCA (Bolivian Institute of Standardization and Quality), signed May 2008
Focus : Translation and code use/adoption

China - China Fire Protection Association (CFPA), signed 2006
Focus: Information exchange

Colombia - UAECOB - Special Administrative Unit of the Bogota Official Fire Department, signed July 2009
Focus: Code use and adoption

Costa Rica - INTECO (Technical Institute of Costa Rica), signed March 2007
Focus: Technical Training

El Salvador - CONACYT (National Council Insitute of Science and Technology), signed May 2008
Focus:Translation and code use/adoption

India – Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE), signed December 2008
Focus: Code adoption and training

Israel – Standards Institute of Isreal (SII), signed December 2008
Focus: Code use/adoption in the development of Israeli national standards

Perú - INDECOPI (Instituto Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia de la Protección de la Propiedad Intelectual), signed May 2008
Focus: Translation and code adoption

Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO), signed December 2007
Focus: Use NFPA standards as the basis for Saudi Arabian national standards

Saudi Arabia - Saudi Building Code National Committee (SBCNC), signed December 2007
Focus: Training to support the development of the Saudi Building Code

Thailand – Bangkok Metropolitan Council (BMC), signed June 2009
Focus: Code use/adoption in the development of standards for Bangkok

Uruguay - UNIT (Uruguayan Institute of Technical Standards), signed May 2008
Focus: Translation and code use/adoption