APICIAsociación Profesional de Ingeniería de Protección contra Incendios
Avila 18
Madrid, Spain 28020
APICI is a professional association for fire protection engineering in Spain.It was registered with the Ministry of Work on January 22, 1997. APICI is made up of professionals who continue to actively improve their professional skills in the field of fire protection.

CEPREVENAssociation of Investigation for the Security of Lives and Goods - National Center of Prevention of Damages and Losses
Sagasta 18
Madrid, Spain 28004
91 445 73 81
CEPREVEN is an association dedicated to risk analysis and management. Its objectives are to perfect the strategies of the processing of risks to which the formative actions are directed; to document extensive qualifications to the participants; to promote the creation of technical experts on the evaluation of risks; and to improve the mechanisms of verification and control.

CFPAChina Fire Protection Association
14 Don Change An Jie St
Beijing, China100741
Established in 1984, China Fire Protection Association (CFPA) is a national academic, trade, non-profit society, composed of fire scientists, fire engineers, professional firemen as well as fire research institutes, fire colleges and enterprises. It is a member organization of China Science and Technology Association. CFPA has over 30,000 individual members and 2300 group members.

CNPP Enterprise
BP 2265
27950 Saint Marcel
Tél. +33 (0)2 32 53 64 00 - Fax + 33 (0)2 32 53 64 66
CNPP Enterprise is an insurance-industry organization that promulgates safety codes and standards throughout France.

Tels: +52 5556-3559, +52 5356-6530
Fax: +52 5356-6531
DHIMEX is a Mexican business founded in 1991 that offers to its clients the supply, engineering, and production of teams and hydraulic systems for the installations of commercial construction and for the lighting industry.

FPA AustraliaFire Protection Association Australia
13 Ellingworth Parade
Box Hill VIC
PO Box 1049
Box Hill VIC
Tel +61 3 9890 1544
Fax +61 3 9890 1577
The Fire Protection Association Australia is Australia's major technical and educational fire safety organization aiming to achieve continual improvement in fire safety through active membership and a range of activities. FPA Australia provides a central source of information and services to promote the protection of life, assets and the environment in Australia.

GAMAGas Appliance Manufacturing Association
2107 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201
Tel : +1 703 525-7060
Fax: +1 703 525-6790
GAMA is the national trade association of manufacturers of residential, commercial and industrial appliances and equipment, components and related products. GAMA's scope includes oil-fired and electric equipment as well as gas-fired equipment. GAMA also represents manufacturers of equipment used in the production, transmission and distribution of fuel gases, and manufacturers of power generation equipment such as fuel cells and microturbines used to provide building services. GAMA’s membership reaches beyond the United States with members in Canada, Japan, China, Europe, Australia and South America.

IAAI International Association of Arson Investigators
2151 Priest Bridge Drive, Suite 25
Crofton, MD 21114
Fax 410-451-9049
The International Association of Arson Investigators is dedicated to improving the professional development of fire and explosion investigators by being the global resource for fire investigation training, technology and research.

IRAMInstituto Argentino de Normalización y Certificación
Perú 552/556
(C1068AAB) Buenos Aires
Tel + 54 11 4346 06 08 / 07
Fax + 54 11 4346 06 01
IRAM, the Argentinean Institute for Standardization and Certification, is a not-for-profit private association founded in 1935. It is the national standardization body of Argentinaand also operates certification activities under an independent management.

261 Waterloo Street #04-09 WaterlooCentre
Singapore, 180261, Republic of Singapore
Tel: +65 6333 4211
Fax: +65 6333 4611

ICONTECInstituto Colombiano de Normas y Certificación
Carrera 37 No. 52-95
Edificio ICONTEC
P.O. Box 14237
Tel.: + 57 1 607 88 88
ICONTEC, Colombian Institute of Standards and Certification, is headquartered in Colombia.Provides information on the national certification and standardization procedures. Sells local technical regulations and standards.

IFSC/IFSTInternational Fire Safety Consulting/Training
7514 Cherry Tree Drive
Fulton, MD 20759
+1 301 490 7803
Fax +1 301 490 5607
IFSC/IFST provides fire protection engineering consulting services for Latin America and in a joint venture with NFPA provides training and seminars on NFPA’s top standards in the Spanish language. Services include: risk analysis; fire safety planning; fire protection system design; and commissioning of installation of fire protection systems.

JSAJapanese Standards Association
4-1-24 Akasaka Minato-ku,Tokyo107-8440 Japan
Tel: +81-3-3583-8005
Fax: +81-3-3586-2014
The objective of the association is "to educate the public regarding the standardization and unification of industrial standards, and thereby to contribute to the improvement of technology and the enhancement of production efficiency".

KFPA - Korean Fire Protection Association
35-4 Yoiudo-Dong
Seoul 150-885, KOREA
Tel: 82-2-783-4403
Fax: 82-2-783-4094
The Korean Fire protection Association (KFPA) seeks to promote fire safety and prevent property losses and bodily injuries from various disasters, such as fire and explosion through such services as: safety inspections for the fire protection systems of special buildings; testing and research utilizing disaster prevention personnel and test equipment; and investigation, research and distribution of world class risk management techniques.

King Saud University
Translation Center
P.O. Box 2454
Saudi Arabia
Tel: 966 467-5577
Fax: 966 467-8633
“The Translation Center at King Saud University is an entity whose objective is to meet the University needs for textbooks, research papers, reference books, periodicals, and materials of official nature, as well as the needs of the Saudi society for useful intellectual books.'' The Center translates, among others, basic scientific periodicals, research papers, valuable books, research works, classical scientific works, dictionaries of specialized terminology, and helps in the development of computer applications in translation and terminology.

Editorial MAPFRE
Ctra. De Pozuelo
52-28220 Majadahonda Madrid
T +34 915 81 53 57
F +34 915 81 18 83
Editorial MAPFRE is part of the System MAPFRE, an independent Spanish business assembly whose activities center in the areas of insurances, security and financial products. System MAPFRE founded Editorial MAPFRE in 1970. Since then it is referenced in the Spanish speaking world in publications on private insurances, fire prevention and protection, security and hygiene in the workplace, as well as on environment and medicine. Many of these publications are carried out in narrow contribution with the Foundations of the System MAPFRE. In addition, MAPFRE publishes and distributors technical publications.

NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers Association
1300 North 17th St. Suite 1847
Rosslyn, VA 22209
Tel: +1 703 841-3200
Fax: +1 703 841-5900
Provides a forum for the standardization of electrical equipment, enabling consumers to select from a range of safe, effective, and compatible electrical products.

NEMA publishes over 500 standards and offers them for sale through IHS, along with certain standards originally developed as American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards.

The association promotes safety in the manufacture and use of electrical products.

NTCFPS - National Technical Committee for Fire Protection Standardization – China
1 Taijichang Toutiao
The National Technical Committee for Fire Protection Standardization is a committee of the Fire Department, Ministry of Public Security in China.Recent agreements with NFPA have allowed them to translate standards for use and distribution within the Fire Service. For more information, contact Yuanjing “Janet” Liu.

New Zealand Fire Service
New Zealand
Tel: 04 496 3600
Fax: 04 478 1603
The New Zealand Fire Service Commission is the Crown’s principal fire risk management agency. It provides a comprehensive range of risk reduction, fire safety and emergency response services and coordinates Fire Authorities to protect New Zealand's natural and material resources from fire.

OBERON Company
22 Logan Street
P.O. Box 61008
New Bedford, MA 02746-0008
Manufacturer of workplace safety gear such as eye and face protection products.

OPCIOrganización Iberoamericana de Protección contra Incendios
Calle 85 No. 21-22 Of. 601
Bogotá – Columbia
Tel: 571 611 07 54
Fax: 571 616 36 69
OPCI is the Latin American Fire Protection Organization and national SDO of Colombia, also known as OPCI Colombia. OPCI is a non-profit association of scientific and technical character, whose objective is the development of the knowledge of the protection against fires through the use of vocational training, printed matter, congresses and specialized forums. It was originally organized by NFPA and is now an independent organization.

SABSSouth African Bureau of Standards
1 Dr Lategan Road, Groenkloof
Private Bag X191
Pretoria 0001
Tel +27 (0) 12 428 7911
Fax: +27 (0) 12 344 1568
SABS is the national institution for the promotion and maintenance of standardization and quality in connection with commodities and the rendering of services. SABS publishes national standards which it prepares through a consensus process in technical committees, provides information on national standards of all countries as well as international standards. SABS also tests and certifies products and services to standards, and develops technical regulations (compulsory specifications) based on national standards, monitors and enforces compliance with such technical regulations.

In addition, SABS monitors and enforces legal metrology legislation, promotes design excellence and provides training on aspects of standardization.

SENER - Secretaria de Energia
890 Insurgentes Avenue, 12th floor,
Colonia Del Valle, CP. 03100, Mexico City
+52 (55) 5000 6000
SENER is the Department of the Secretary of Energy in Mexico.Their Missionis to conduct the energy policies of the country, inside the constitutional framework in force, to guarantee the environmentally sustainable, economically viable, high-quality, sufficient, and competitive supply of energy that is required for the development of society. SENER has a commitment to the efficient use of energy and to its research and development; extensive promotion of the use of alternative energy sources; and to the security of its supply.

TFRI – Tianjin Fire Research Institute
110 WeijinNan Road
Nankai District (P.O. Box 27 )
Tianjin China300381
Fire protection research institute under the administration of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security. The research areas of Tianjin Fire Research Institute include fire science, fire engineering technology, explosion prevention technology, fire investigation technology, fire extinguishing agents, fire resisting materials and technology, building fire protection, and industrial fire protection. The Institute has a number of large fire test facilities, fire test furnaces, a petroleum tank fire test facility, as well as many research and experimental facilities.

For more information, contact Yuanjing “Janet” Liu at