NFPA 3 Handbook

Access Exclusive Commissioning Program for Individual Systems
The following exclusive information is not included in the print version of the Commissioning and Integrated System Testing Handbook but is provided here as a bonus for the handbook users.

Download the complete Individual System Commissioning Program (PDF, 3.8 MB)

This exclusive information is extracted from NFPA’s Commissioning Fire Protection Systems and will assist the user in developing a commissioning plan to meet the minimum requirements of the following NFPA codes and standards:

A Sample Commissioning Plan for Your Next Commissioning Project
The sample plan provided appears in the Commissioning and Integrated System Testing Handbook. This plan, which can be downloaded and customized for a specific project, is filled out to assist the user in writing a commissioning plan for a project. Note that shaded instructional boxes are provided throughout and should be deleted when modifying the plan for a particular project. 

Download the Sample Commissioning Plan (MS Word, 9.4 MB)

Commissioning Forms
All of the forms from the plan are also available for download. These forms should be edited as needed and inserted into the plan.

Technical Note for Editing the Forms
To edit the Word forms, including inserting a logo on the forms, the Developer tab must be enabled. To enable it, go to the Office button in the upper-left hand corner and click Word Options at the bottom of the window. Check the “Show Developer tab in ribbon” option and close that window. Open the Developer tab, click “Protect Document,” and then click “Stop Protection” in the side window that opens. Now the form can be altered in any way, including inserting a logo. To put protection back on, open the Developer tab and click “Start Enforcing Protection.”