2015 National Fuel Gas Code Handbook (NFPA 54) Calculation Worksheets

The following worksheets have been extracted from the National Fuel Gas Code Handbook, 2015 edition, Supplement 4 for your use. The worksheets are interactive so you can download to your computer or tablet and populate them as needed.

These forms are intended for your use only. You may customize to meet your individual or organization’s needs and may make a number of duplicates of any output—whether electronic or hard-copy—as are reasonable for your purposes. Distribution of these forms—or forms you develop or derive from these forms—outside of your organization including but not limited to professional reprinting and sale is prohibited.

Please select the worksheet by clicking one of the links below:

  • Worksheet S4.1 (PDF, 96 KB) — Calculating Pipe Size Using the Longest Length Method
  • Worksheet S4.2 (PDF, 95 KB) — Calculating Pipe Size Using the Branch Length Method

  • Worksheet S4.3 (PDF, 92 KB) — Sizing Combustion Air Openings Using the Standard Method

  • Worksheet S4.4 (PDF, 145 KB) — Sizing Combustion Air Openings Using the KAIR Method

  • Worksheet S4.5 (PDF, 103 KB) — Calculating the Size of Combustion Air Openings

  • Worksheet S4.6 (PDF, 187 KB) — Calculating the Size of Reduced Building Area Openings

  • Worksheet S4.7 (PDF, 81 KB) — Calculating Vent Size for Single Appliance

  • Worksheet S4.8 (PDF, 193 KB) — Calculating Vent Size for Two Appliances

  • Worksheet S4.9 (PDF, 108 KB) — Calculating Air Changes per Hour