Harry C. Bigglestone Award

This award is named to honor the memory of Harry C. Bigglestone, who served as a trustee of the Fire Protection Research Foundation and chair of the NFPA Committee on Central Station Signaling Systems and who was a fellow and past president of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. He was also executive director of the Pacific regional office of the Insurance Services Office and taught at Cogswell College in San Francisco.

The award is given annually to the paper appearing in Fire Technology that best represents excellence in the communication of fire protection concepts. Accompanying this award is a $5,000 cash prize from the Fire Protection Research Foundation.


2022 - Dr. M.Z. Naser

2021 - Nico de Koker, R. S. Walls, A. Cicione, Z. R. Sander, S. Löffel, J. J. Claasen, S. J. Fourie, L. Croukamp, and D. Rush

2020 - Jim McLennan, Barbara Ryan, Chris Bearman, and Keith Toh

2019 - Dr. Wojciech Wegrzyński, Tomasz Lipecki

2018 - Ruben Van Coile, Georgios Balomenos, Mahesh Pandey, Robby Caspeele

2017 - Enrico Ronchi, Erica Kuligowski, Daniel Nilsson, Richard Peacock, Paul Reneke

2016 -  Henrik Bjelland, Ove Njå, Atle William Heskestad, Geir Sverre Braut

2015 - Ethan I.D. Foote, and Samuel L. Manzello

2014 - Ann Jeffers, Qianru Guo, Kaihang Shi and Zili Jia, Erica Kuligowski

2013 - Kristopher Overholt and Ofodike (D.K.) Ezekoye

2012 - Gregory T. Linteris

2011 - Robert Jansson and Lars Borstrom

2010 - Paul Mason, Charles Fleischmann, Chris Rogers, Alan McKinnon, Keith Unsworth, Michael Spearpoint

2009 - Dorothy Bruck and Ian Thomas

2008 - Bogdan Dlugogorski, Eric Kennedy, Ted Schaefer

2007 - Michael S. Klassen, Jason A. Sutula, Maclain M. Holton, Richard J. Roby, Thomas Izbicki

2006 - Brian Y. Lattimer, Uri Vandsburger, Richard J. Roby

2005 - Tingguang Ma, Stephen M. Olenick, Michael S. Klassen, Richard J. Roby, José L. Torero

2004 - Susan L. Rose-Pehrsson, Sean J. Hart, Thomas T. Street, Frederick W. Williams, Mark H. Hammond, Daniel T. Gottuk, Mark T. Wright, Jennifer T. Wong

2003 - Scott K. Anderson, Robert G. Bill, Jr., Richard Ferron, Hsiang-Cheng Kung

2002 - Steven D. Wolin, Noah Ryder, Frederick LePrince, James Milke, Frederick Mowrer, Jose Torero

2001 - James R. Lawson, William E. Mell

2000 - James A. Milke

1999 - Brian Y. Lattimer, Richard Roby, Uri Vandsburger

1998 - James Quintiere

1997 - Mohammed Sultan, Noah L. Ryder, Frederick Leprince, James A. Milke, Frederick W. Mowrer, Jose L. Torero

1996 - Thomas McAvoy, James A. Milke

1995 - Charles J. Kibert, Douglas Dierdorf

1994 - Robert G. Bill, Jr., Hsiang-Cheng Kung

1993 - David J. O’Connor, Gordon W. H. Silcock

1992 - John R. Hall, Jr., Ai Sekizawa

1991 - Frederick W. Mowrer

1990 - Homer W. Carhart, Francis R. Faith, J. Thomas Hughes, Curtis T. Ewing

1989 - Dingyi Huan, John Krasny, John Rockett

1988 - Frederick W. Mowrer, Robert Brady Williamson

1987 - Richard L. Smith

1986 - Peter F. Johnson

1985 - T. T. Lie, Kenneth J. Schwartz