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James M. Shannon Advocacy Medal

The Shannon Advocacy Medal was established to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the fire loss problem through advocacy. The honor was named after former NFPA president James M. Shannon, who concluded his 12-year tenure in June 2014 with an exceptional record of advocacy to reduce fire loss. 

2019 Medal

NFPA is accepting nominations for the 2019 James M. Shannon Advocacy Medal. Download the nominee application (DOCX). Deadline is January 11, 2019 and can be sent to

Award criteria
Nominations for individuals or groups will be judged on the following criteria:

  • the impact of the advocacy efforts on advancing NFPA’s mission
  • the cost-effectiveness of the advocacy
  • the extent to which the advocacy is a collaborative effort beyond NFPA
  • the extent to which the potential recipient reflects Jim Shannon’s values
About James M. Shannon

James M. ShannonUnder Shannon's leadership, NFPA considerably advanced its mission of fire safety, better protecting the general public and members of the fire service.

Shannon spearheaded the Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes, which quickly led to every state passing legislation requiring that cigarettes meet a specific fire safety standard. In collaboration with the fire service and others, this initiative will save hundreds of lives including the lives of firefighters who are at risk every time they respond to a cigarette related fire.

Following the success of the Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes, Shannon intensified NFPA’s work to advocate for mandating home fire sprinklers in all new one- and two-family homes, another critical safeguard to enhance public safety and better protect our nation’s fire service. 

2018 winner

Jim Dalton, winner of 2018 James M/ Shannon Advocacy Medal


Jim Dalton received the 2018 James M. Shannon Advocacy Medal for for his career long commitment and passion for fire safety culminating with his efforts that led to the passage of the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act. See the news release.

Dalton began his journey as a volunteer firefighter in Maryland before spending more than 25 years as a career firefighter. After his time on the frontline, he became a pivotal public safety leader advocating for smoke alarms, fire sprinklers and other lifesaving systems on a local, state and national level. When his county passed the most comprehensive smoke alarm law in the country, Dalton traveled the nation helping other jurisdictions to implement similar strategies.


Dalton was instrumental in pursuing the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act after the Station Night Club fire in Rhode Island killed 100. He worked for 15 years to maintain the effort and ultimately secure passage as part of the tax reform measures signed into law by the current administration. The bill provides incentives to small businesses who install sprinklers.

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