NFPA Management Team


Jim Pauley, President

Melinda Collins, Executive Assistant

Human Resources

Julie Lynch, Vice President, Talent & Culture


Sally P. Everett, Vice President and General Counsel

Dennis J. Berry, Secretary of the Corporation and Director of Licensing

Kristen Freiter, Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Government Affairs

Seth Statler, Division Director

Shameka Wiley, Sr. Administrative Assistant

Finance and Accounting

Bruce H. Mullen, Executive Vice President and CFO


Brian Walsh, Division Manager

Accounting & Taxation

Nazima Drumm, Director

Real Estate & Building Services

Nancy Hurley, Division Manager 

Codes and Standards

Christian Dubay, Vice President, Codes and Standards and Chief Engineer 

Codes and Standards Administration

Dawn Michele Bellis, Division Manager and NFPA Standards Council Secretary

Public Fire Protection

Ed Conlin, Division Manager

Amy Greenfield, Administrative Assistant

Building Fire Protection

Robert E. Solomon, Division Manager

Linda MacKay, Administrative Assistant


Chris Dubay,VP, Codes & Standards

Fire Protection Systems

Richard P. Bielen, Division Manager

Industrial and Chemical Engineering

Lisa Hartman, Division Manager

Technical Services

Guy Colonna, Division Director

Outreach & Advocacy

Lorraine Carli, Vice President, Outreach & Advocacy

Peg O’Brien, Administrator

Web Publishing

Mike Hazell, Division Manager 

Public Education

Lorraine Carli, Vice President, Outreach & Advocacy

Wildland Fire Operations

Michele Steinberg, Division Manager

Business Operations

Chuck Stravin, Vice President, Business Operations


Susan Ballester, Division Director

NFPA Conferences

Susan Ballester, Division Director

Marketing and Sales

Amanda Welsh, Director, Creative Services

William Mello, Director, Sales

Product Development

Chuck Stravin, Vice President, Business Operations

Nancy M. Zagrodny, Project Administrator

Field Operations

Donald P. Bliss, Vice President, Field Operations

Barbara Dunn, Administrator

International Operations

Olga Caledonia, Division Manager


Kathleen H. Almand, Vice President, Research

Information & Technology

Keith Quackenbush, Vice President