NFPA Management Team


Jim Pauley, President

Melinda Collins, Executive Assistant

Human Resources

Julie Chirillo, Head of Human Resources


Sally Everett, Vice President, General Counsel & Chief of Staff

Suzanne Gallagher, Associate General Counsel

Kristen Freiter, Paralegal

Government Affairs

Seth Statler, Director 

Finance and Accounting

Paul DeFronzo, Chief Financial Officer


Brian Walsh, Director

Real Estate & Building Services

Nancy Hurley, Director  

Codes & Standards

Christian Dubay, Vice President, Codes & Standards and Chief Engineer 

Codes & Standards Administration

Dawn Michele Bellis, Director and NFPA Standards Council Secretary

Emergency Response and Responder Safety

Barry Chase, Standards Lead

Amy Greenfield, Administrative Assistant

Building Fire Protection & Life Safety

Tracy Vecchiarelli, Standards Lead

Linda MacKay, Administrator

Electrical & Fire Protection Systems

Chad Duffy, Standards Lead

Industrial & Chemical Engineering

Laura Moreno, Standards Lead

Technical Services

Matt Klaus, Director

Outreach & Advocacy

Lorraine Carli, Vice President, Outreach & Advocacy

Peg O’Brien, Administrator

Public Education

Andrea Vastis, Sr. Director

Wildland Fire Division

Michele Steinberg, Director

Marketing &Technology

Andy Jenks, Vice President

Barbara Dunn, Administrator


Amanda Welsh, Sr. Director, Marketing/Portfolio Management

Channel Marketing

Benjamin Pugh, Sr. Channel Marketing Manager

Business Operations

Chuck Stravin, Vice President

Nancy Zagrodny, Administrator

Education and Development

Bartholomew Jae, Director 

Fulfillment, Customer Support & Conferences

Susan Ballester, Director

Product Development

Suzanne St. Clair, Director, Product & Content Development


Jan Rimmel, Director of Licensing

Global Operations

Mike Brunzell, Vice President, Global Operations

Barbara Dunn, Administrator

International Operations

Olga Caledonia, Director

Research, Data & Analytics

Amanda Kimball, Executive Director, Research Foundation

Joseph Gochal, Director, Research/Data Analytics

Birgitte Messerschmidt, Director, Applied Research


Lanre Ajakaiye, Director, Membership


William Mello, Director