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In each issue of NFPA Journal, six recent news events, research findings, or other items are chosen by the Journal editorial staff and highlighted as examples of successes or failures in the context of the NFPA Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem.

Examples from the most recent issue of NFPA Journal are listed below. See more information about the Ecosystem and each of its eight components. 








Massachusetts becomes the first state in the US to adopt the 2020 National Electrical Code®. Learn more.





West Virginia lawmakers remove a provision in the state building code requiring an arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) to be installed in every new electrical outlet in residential occupancies. The code now only requires AFCI circuit breakers in bedrooms. Dissenting lawmakers and safety officials said the change was a “backwards” move for safety in the state. Read more.

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Las Vegas firefighters discover a homemade gas station constructed in the backyard of a residence, abutting an exterior wall. “This is not only illegal … it is [also] a hazard to neighbors and first responders,” Las Vegas Fire & Rescue said on its Facebook page, adding that the culprit’s hose was long enough to extend from the backyard to the street “for possible curbside fill-ups.” Read more.

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The city of Worcester, Massachusetts, says it will hire an outside consultant to analyze its fire department’s operations and staffing after a line-of-duty death in November 2019, the third since 2011. The review will ensure “superior emergency response services in a manner that … allows our firefighters the greatest margin of safety possible,” Worcester City Manager Edward Augustus, Jr., said in a memo. Read more.





Minnesota singer-songwriter Larry Long teams up with the Minnesota Firefighter Initiative to release an educational song to raise awareness among policymakers and the public of the health risks firefighters face. “Heart disease, cancer, PTSD/ For firefighters, they’re the big three,” Long sings on the folky, acoustic track, titled “Firefighter (Duty, Honor, Courage).” Listen here.


More new communities than ever before—220, to be exact—become members of the Firewise USA® program in 2019. Read more.