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In each issue of NFPA Journal, six recent news events, research findings, or other items are chosen by the Journal editorial staff and highlighted as examples of successes or failures in the context of the NFPA Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem.

Examples from the most recent issue of NFPA Journal are listed below. See more information about the Ecosystem and each of its eight components. 








In rebuilding Paradise, California, after the devastating Camp Fire razed much of the town in November 2018, officials reject enacting a new ban on combustible materials within five feet of residents’ homes, as well as other recommended wildfire mitigation practices, in the interest of rebuilding the town faster and at a lower cost. Read more.

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 Investment in safety cog



Two of California’s largest utilities, Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison, test a new technology developed by Texas A&M researchers that detects variations in the electrical currents of power lines, potentially alerting officials to failures before they occur. Power line failures have been blamed for several massively destructive wildfires in California in recent years. Read more.





Building surveyors in the UK uncover rampant code violations after conducting a survey on fire doors in high-rise apartment buildings similar to Grenfell Tower. “Every single one of the fire doors we inspected was noncompliant,” says one of the surveyors. Read more.

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Two fire departments in Indiana become the first in the state to require dementia training for its members. Experts say first responders across the United States will experience an increasing number of interactions with people with dementia as the country’s elderly population grows. Read more.





“More nuanced, more targeted, and better-timed” emergency alerts are credited with saving lives as massive wildfires tore through Australia in November and December, the Washington Post reports. The country made sweeping improvements to its wildfire emergency alert system after wildland blazes killed scores in 2009. Read more.


After a Boston restaurant closes for reported code violations, members of the public voice frustrations over code enforcement on social media. “You people siding with the [fire] inspector ... are exactly what’s wrong with Massachusetts,” one man writes on Facebook. “If you only knew how much actual Americans hate people like you.” Read more.

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