From:                                             Depew, Jenny

Sent:                                               Friday, June 21, 2013 2:48 PM

To:                                                  Depew, Jenny

Cc:                                                   McGowan, Thomas; Foley, Patrick; Baio, Debbie

Subject:                                         Pro. Qual. CC Ballot #2 - Ballot to Forward NFPA 1005 to the Assoc. Tech. Meeting


Good Afternoon Correlating Committee Members,


According to the Regulations Governing the Development of NFPA Standards, Section & (b), in addition to the balloting of the Correlating Committee on each of the individual Second Correlating Revisions (see, there shall be a ballot of the Correlating Committee on the Second Draft.  This ballot will be to determine whether the Committee agrees that NFPA 1005 should be forwarded to the Association Technical Meeting.


Please note, a Negative vote will result in NFPA 1005 not being forwarded to the NFPA Technical Meeting, the Second Draft Report will not be published, and a notice that the Correlating Committee has directed the return of NFPA 1005 to the Technical Committee for further study shall be published in place of the Second Draft Report.      


Please scroll down to find a ballot link to vote on whether you agree to forward NFPA 1005 to the NFPA Association Technical Meeting or to return it to the Committee for further review.  You are receiving this ballot in addition to the Ballot on the Second Correlating Revisions.



Please follow the instructions below to access / submit your “Ballot to Forward NFPA 1005 to the Association Technical Meeting”:


Submitting Your Ballot: 


IMPORTANT:  You must hit SUBMIT to SAVE your work.  Please note the system session will time you out after 60 minutes and any work not submitted will not be saved!


·       To access your ballot online, please click on the link below and sign in with your NFPA username and password:


·       This will bring you to the balloting home page where you will be able to view all of your open ballots.  However, if you only have one open ballot, please skip to step 4 listed below.


·       If you have multiple open ballots, you will need to select which ballot you would like to work on by using the Action header and selecting the green Start arrow to access the desired ballot.  


·       Click on one of the following choices:  Affirmative, Negative, or Abstain and provide a reason for your response for Negative or Abstaining votes, in the Add Comments field. 


·       Scroll to the bottom of the ballot form, check the box next to the Participant Consent statement and click Submit.

·       If you need to edit a response, select the Edit Election link (in the lower right of ballot), modify the ballot form, and then re-submit.


**You will receive an email confirmation once your ballot has been submitted.**   


Please note that ballots are due no later than Friday, July 5, 2013.  (You may revisit the balloting link as often as needed to edit your elections up to and including the ballot due date.)


For your information, the Public Comments with Statements, Second Revisions with Statements and Second Correlating Revisions with Statements Reports have been posted to your Document Information page which you may view by clicking the following link and logging in:  



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