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As the pandemic stresses the health care system, critical fire and life safety needs must be balanced with patient care in hospitals as well as new temporary makeshift facilities. 

NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code®, is the most widely used source for strategies to protect people based on building construction, protection, and occupancy features that minimize the effects of fire and related hazards. Unique in the field, it is the only document that covers life safety in both new and existing structures.

NFPA 99Health Care Facilities Codeis an indispensable resource for health care decision-makers, offering essential safety information and requirements for emergency planning, isolation spaces, infection control, IT, data infrastructure, and many other relevant topics.


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  • Compliance on Hold - As health care facilities scrambled to expand patient capacity amid the coronavirus pandemic, fire and life safety code compliance took a back seat. Should that worry us?
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