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NFPA technical questions

The NFPA® Technical Questions Service provides NFPA individual members, electrical inspection members, public sector officials, and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) one-on-one help with technical standards questions.* Responses are provided by NFPA technical staff on an informal basis. The Technical Questions Service supports questions related to:

  • Clarification of the intent of codes and standards requirements
  • Technical basis of requirements
  • Application of requirements
  • General interpretations
How to submit a technical standards question

Visit our document information pages. Select your document from the complete list of NFPA codes and standards. You may also go directly to a document by typing “” (e.g., in your browser address bar. Then select the “Ask a Technical Question” tab.

How to find the answer to technical standards questions previously asked
Visit the “For NFPA Members” area on the NFPA online community, NFPA Xchange, and select “Technical Knowledge Base.”
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Important notice: The NFPA Technical Questions Service is meant to provide information on and assistance in accessing and understanding NFPA codes and standards. Any opinion expressed, therefore, is the personal opinion of the responder and does not necessarily represent the official position of NFPA or its Technical Committees. In addition, responses provided are not intended, nor should they be relied upon, to provide professional consultation or services. Technical Questions Service should also not be used for questions involved in litigation.

* Read the full Terms of Use.

**Cannot be combined with other offers or used for certification programs.