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The cannabis industry has gone through a rapid expansion, especially following the 2016 election. And, with the expansion comes an increase in grow & extraction facilities. But, as with any industrial process,  production comes with an assortment of hazards.


Development of NFPA 420, Standard on Fire Protection of Cannabis Growing and Processing Facilities has been approved

The NFPA Standards Council has approved the development of NFPA 420, Standard on Fire Protection of Cannabis Growing and Processing Facilities. The new standard, which was originally proposed in response to serious fires that have occurred at cannabis facilities in recent years, will provide clear guidance on fire protection standards for facilities that produce, process and extract cannabis. READ MORE.

NFPA is seeking NFPA 420 Technical Committee members
NFPA is actively seeking individuals – particularly those who are directly involved with facilities that grow, process, and/or extract cannabis – to serve on the NFPA 420 Technical Committee (TC).

If you’re an NFPA member, simply submit an application to serve on the NFPA 420 TC.

If you don’t have an NFPA profile, please follow these steps:

  1. Create an NFPA profile.
  2. Log into your NFPA account, then fill out and submit an application.

Applications are being accepted through June 15, 2021.

If you have any questions or need help filling out the application, please contact Katie Twist.

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The NFPA Podcast

From NFPA Journal® 
  • The New Face of Pot, July/August 2018
    Experts and investors are convinced that legal marijuana will soon be one of the world’s largest industries. With millions of square feet of growing and processing facilities being built from Newfoundland to California, fire safety officials across North America face steep learning curves and many unknowns.
  • Welcome to the Jungle, September/October 2016
    With the marijuana industry poised for a rapid expansion, Colorado — epicenter of the country's pot business ­— offers a host of lessons learned, including safety practices at commercial grow and extraction facilities, inspection protocols, and more.


NFPA Journal's Jesse Roman takes a trip to Colorado to report on the the burgeoning commercial marijuana industry and how public agencies are battling to ensure that marijuana grow and extraction facilities are safe for employees, firefighters, and the public.

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