Classifications of Committee members

These Guidelines are for use by the Standards Council and the staff to assist in complying with 3.2.5 of the Regulations Governing the Development of NFPA Standards. The following classifications apply to Committee members and represent their principal interest in the activity of the Committee.

  1. Manufacturer (M): A representative of a maker or marketer of a product, assembly, or system, or portion thereof, that is affected by the standard.
  2. User (U): A representative of an entity that is subject to the provisions of the standard or that voluntarily uses the standard.
  3. Installer/Maintainer (I/M): A representative of an entity that is in the business of installing or maintaining a product, assembly, or system affected by the standard.
  4. Labor (L): A labor representative or employee concerned with safety in the workplace.
  5. Applied Research/Testing Laboratory (R/T): A representative of an independent testing laboratory or independent applied research organization that promulgates and/or enforces standards.
  6. Enforcing Authority (E):  A representative of an agency or an organization that promulgates and/or enforces standards.

    Note:  The Enforcer Funding Program provides funding for NFPA Technical Committee participation for certain public sector Committee members who have been designated by the NFPA Standards Council, for purposes of committee balance, in the category of “Enforcing Authority (E)” (“Enforcers”).

  7. Insurance (I): A representative of an insurance company, broker, agent, bureau, or inspection agency.
  8. Consumer (C): A person who is or represents the ultimate purchaser of a product, system, or service affected by the standard, but who is not included in (2).
  9. Special Expert (SE): A person not representing (1) through (8), and who has special expertise in the scope of the standard or portion thereof.
  10. Utility (UT):  This classification is used specifically for the National Electrical Code project.

Additional Clarifications:

Based on the committee, there may be additional clarifications provided to the basic definitions listed above. These additional clarifications for specific committees can be found by selecting a Standard from our List of Codes & Standards, and going to the “Technical Committee" tab to view the "Additional Clarifications" under the "Committee Overview" section.