New projects and draft documents

The NFPA Standards Council acted on the following new project at its April 2020 meeting:

  • Community-based response to drug overdoses (CReDO).  After review of all comments submitted by the public and information before it, the Council voted to deny the request for approval of NFPA standards development on Community Response to Drug Overdose (CReDO).

How to submit a request for a new NFPA project

Download a new project initiation form (doc, 26 KB). Requests are forwarded to the NFPA Standards Council for a preliminary review. If deemed appropriate, the Council directs that a notice be published in NFPA News. This notice asks for information or resources on the subject matter, the names of those interested in participating on the Committee (if established), the names of other organizations actively involved with this subject, and whether there is a need for such a project. The Standards Council then reviews the proposed project/document and any public comments generated by the notice. If the Standards Council does determine the need for the proposed project it either assigns the project to an existing Technical Committee or establishes a new committee.

*Applications being accepted for purposes of documenting applicant interest in committee participation. Acceptance of applications by NFPA does not guarantee or imply the Standards Council will ultimately approve standards development activity on this proposed subject matter.