What is NEC Online?

NEC Online is an annual subscription product that can be accessed from any device (laptop, tablet or mobile phone) with an internet connection or data plan. An annual single-user license will cost $199 for nonmembers and $179.10 for members. Multi-user pricing (10+ users) will be available through our sales team: neconline@nfpa.org. There will also be a 2-day free trial available through our online catalog. Only one-year subscriptions will be offered for this product – multi-year subscriptions are not being offered at this time.

What are the features of NEC online?

NEC® Online provides users with three widely adopted editions of the National Electrical Code®. You can navigate and search the 2017, 2014, and 2011 editions of NFPA 70® online, or download the PDFs for offline use. In addition to the code content, it also provides summaries of what specifically has changed over nearly a decade of important NEC advancements.

  • Navigate and search the 2017, 2014, and 2011 editions of NFPA 70.
  • Quickly identify Code changes from edition to edition. Icons indicate what's new, deleted, or revised.
  • Understand key Code revisions by using the change summaries provided by NFPA experts.
  • Share important NEC content with colleagues via email.
  • Print or bookmark NEC sections for quick reference down the road.
  • View from any device, or download PDFs for offline viewing.
What are the system requirements?

NEC Online is compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices (both Android and Apple) running current browsers. For peak performance, we recommend the use of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

How do I purchase NEC Online?

Single user customers can purchase NEC Online through the same channels they do any other product. Multi-user subscriptions (ten or more users) should be referred to our sales team at neconline@nfpa.org.

How do I access NEC Online?

The product can be accessed at any time through a current internet browser using http://nec.codesonline.nfpa.org. It will also be accessible through NFPA.org > My Profile > My Web Applications. Subscribers should login to NEC Online using the same username and password they use for their NFPA.org account profile.

What functionality does the NEC Online have?

The first time a single-user logs into their subscription, they will be prompted to accept an End User License Agreement (EULA). Once accepted, 3 editions of the NEC will be presented horizontally across the screen. From there, the user can chose to download any of the three PDFs, or click ‘view’ to read, search or interact with a particular edition year. Viewing a document online gives a user more functionality. The online functionality is outlined below.  

Search: One of the key values of a digital product is the ability to search a document quickly and easily.  NEC Online allows the user to search for keyword(s) within a particular document, or search across the entire site. There is also an advanced search tool that allows user to search using any of the terms, all of the terms, or an exact phrase.

Download: If a user downloads a PDF, it will be automatically watermarked with the name or company on the subscription. There is no limit to the number of PDF downloads a customer is allowed from their NEC Online subscription. The same functionality that applies to all of our saleable PDFs apply to these PDFs.

Print: If a user prints content from the online version of the code, the content will be watermarked with copyright information at the top of the page. Users will also have the ability to print their PDF downloads in whole or in part. That printed content will also have the watermark.

Share: If a user shares content with someone using the ‘Email’ feature, that page of content will be available to the recipient via a link for 2 days, then the link will expire and the recipient will not be able to access the content again.

Bookmark: Users will have the option to bookmark content and make related notations for quick reference at a later date. Bookmarks can be found under ‘My Favorites’. Bookmarks will remain saved until the user deletes it. Note that this feature is only for single-user accounts and multi-user accounts will not be presented with this icon.

Citation Tool: Users can cite NFPA documents in their personal presentations, reports, or proposals using the NEC Online citation tool. When viewing a document online, they should select the ‘Citation’ icon. A ‘full’ and ‘partial’ citation will display for them to ‘copy’ into whatever document they wish.