National Fire Codes Subscription Service

Which codes are included in the National Fire Codes® Subscription Service?

To see the list of codes in the print version, visit our list of codes and standards. The online NFCSS All Access will include the most current editions of the codes listed in the print version, plus two previous editions in most cases. 

What is the difference between the online subscription and the print subscription?

An online subscription provides convenient access to the library of NFPA® codes and standards and ensures you always have the most up-to-date information at hand.

  • Access 300+ codes online including the most current requirements as well as previous editions.
  • Explore handbooks with graphics and expert commentary to help you interpret the code.
  • A responsive interface lets you access codes whether on a desktop in your office, a laptop or tablet in the field, or from your phone on the road.
  • Search any NFPA code or standard even when working remotely.
  • Custom List feature lets you create checklists and compile information from multiple documents for convenient access to what you need most.
  • Notification Center alerts you in real time when a new code update has been implemented or when a new TIA or Errata is issued.

You can register for a free online 3-day trial.

What are the system requirements for online access?
JavaScript is required. NFPA also recommends using the most current version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Some features may not behave as intended with other browsers.
Which NFPA handbooks are included in the online NFCSS?

To see the list of handbooks in the National Fire Codes® Subscription Service All Access, visit the Online Catalog and select the "handbooks included" accordion menu. The online NFCSS All Access will include the most current editions of the handbooks listed.


Handbooks included with NFCSS