NFPA Customer Support for Online Training

Where can I find the list of Online Training that NFPA offers?

All of NFPA’s Online Training courses are in our online catalog. You can register for any of these courses from this section of the online catalog.

Where can I get more information about Online Training course content?

Each course is listed on the catalog page. Simply click the content you would like to purchase to learn more about the courses offered.  If there is more than one course offered there will be tabs for each course with a description of that course.  

Can I view a demo of NFPA’s Online learning?

Yes. NFPA has posted some samples of online classes for you to review prior to purchasing. View demos.

How do I access my Online Training?

Training that took place before August 26, 2019

  1. Log on to your NFPA Profile and go to “My Training”
  2. Click Link to Course
  3. You will now see a list of courses you are enrolled in, click on the course you would like to access
  4. Go to Course Content to launch your course

Training that took place after August 26, 2019

  1. Log on to your NFPA Profile and go to “My Training”
  2. Click on the NFPA Training (blue) Icon
  3. From “My Learning” select the particular training and launch your course
What desktop browsers work best with NFPA online training?
  • Firefox 24® and later
  • ChromeTM 30 and later
  • Safari® 6 and later
  • Internet Explorer® 9 and later