NFPA Customer Support for Training

Classroom training

How do I sign up to attend an NFPA classroom training?
You can register on our online catalog. View a full listing of classroom training.

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On-site training

Can I have NFPA come to my workplace or facility to conduct a classroom training?

Yes. On-site training is the ultimate training experience offered by NFPA. We customize our training programs to meet your specific needs and bring our expert instructors to your site when and where you need it. See more about On-site training.

Online training

Where can I find the list of Online Training courses that NFPA offers?

All of NFPA’s Online Training course series are in our online catalog. You can register for any of these from this section of the online catalog.

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Where can I find the list of Webinars that NFPA offers?

All of NFPA’s Webinars can be found at You can register for these events from this page. 

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