NFPA® Digital Badges


For the first time, NFPA® is offering the opportunity to earn digital badges to provide a method for professionals to display learning accomplishments and stand out from the competition.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Share your badges where they will be seen the most. NFPA® is using Badgr to allow you to add your NFPA digital badges to your resume or email signature as a way to authenticate your knowledge and capabilities to peers, employers, customers, and prospects. Badges can also be shared across social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to bring added credibility to your profile and posts. NFPA offers three levels of training badges.

Bronze Badge
The Bronze Badge (Awareness) confirms you have successfully completed an NFPA learning event and passed an assessment by demonstrating a fundamental understanding of facts and ideas related to that learning event.
Silver Badge
The Silver Badge (Knowledge) confirms you have successfully completed a learning event and passed an assessment by applying acquired knowledge, facts, techniques, and rules.
Gold Badge
The Gold Badge (Analysis) confirms you have successfully completed a learning event and passed an assessment by analyzing content and presenting options or making judgements about the information based on a set of criteria.

Explore Your Options to Earn NFPA Training Badges
Acquire the knowledge and competencies you need while verifying your expertise. NFPA® training courses are developed by recognized subject matter experts and offer high-impact instruction in an interactive learning environment. Train at your convenience on your computer, tablet, or internet-enabled mobile device.

Online Training

Earn your Gold Badge by completing this three-part training and passing an assessment focused on increasing your ability to help your community or organization plan for, respond to, and recover from an active shooter/hostile event.

Online Training

Earn your Bronze Badge by completing the Energy Storage and Photovoltaic Power Fundamentals Online Training Series, which you can display to demonstrate your accomplishment and proficiency.

Online Training

Give your team expert instruction in basic safety and hazard prevention fundamentals and earn a Silver Badge from NFPA.

Online Training

Earn your Gold Badge when you complete five individual online learning modules that take you through the fundamental concepts and best practices of safeguarding construction environments.

Online Training

Earn your bronze badge when you complete this 2-hour online training course that covers fire protection systems and life safety features of buildings.

Online Training

Earn your Gold Badge by completing this four-part series and passing an assessment on NFPA 80 provisions for inspecting, testing, and maintaining fire door assemblies.

Online Training

Earn your Silver Badge by completing this course and passing an assessment covering NFPA 241 requirements for helping to protect job sites and occupancies from hazards during construction, alteration, and demolition.

Online Training

Earn Your Bronze Badge by completing this course and passing an assessment on potential construction site hazards as well as prevention practices and procedures to help minimize casualties and property damage resulting from construction fires.

Online Training

Earn your Silver Badge by completing this 5-hour program and passing an assessment that addresses how to recognize hazards that may impact fire protection and life safety features in buildings and how to mitigate those hazards.

Cursos en Línea

Obtén tu insignia bronze al completar este curso en línea de 2 horas que cubre sistemas de protección contra incendios y características de seguridad humana de edificios.

How to Earn and Use Digital Badges from NFPA
  • You can earn a digital badge by registering for an eligible online training course, successfully completing all of the required components and passing an assessment. Not all NFPA® online training includes an opportunity to earn a digital badge.

  • NFPA is using Badgr to make digital badges available. Your badge will appear immediately in the NFPA Training Portal and will be available through within 24-48 hours after earning it. You must register for an account with Badgr to access all digital badge functionality, including validation and the ability to share it. Find answers to frequently asked questions.

  • If you are new to Badgr, you will receive an email from Badgr with a link to download your badge or to set up an account.

  • If you already have earned badges via Badgr, then you will see your badge when you log into your account on Badgr.

  • To share your badge, go to your account at and select Share. This will bring up different options to share your badge.