Following some best practices will help you create an effective proposal for a Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Grant Application for a $500 award to work on a community wildfire hazard mitigation project. Use clear, concise and complete descriptions of the work that you plan to complete with the grant funding.

Listed below are steps you can take to develop an outstanding work plan for a project that can make your project more successful and create a grant request that clearly outlines the outstanding project you and your community want to complete. Good Luck to all grant applicants!

Collaborate with others to develop a project plan. Before you submit a project idea, it is best to meet with your HOA, Firewise Community Board, club officers, youth group, faith based groups, and agency partners (water district, fire department, school district and other land managing agencies). Examine areas of your community where a one day project can have the greatest impact. Agree about who will coordinate the project and who will receive the grant award on behalf of your community.

Clearly define the scope of the work to be completed.

  • Who: Define who will be participating in the project. Will they be members of a specific group, (youth group, club, HOA, Firewise Community or other)? Will participation in project work be open to outside volunteers? List who is part of the planning process. Who supports this project?
  • What: Describe what you would like to accomplish. (For example, cleaning debris from around homes, helping seniors with yard work, hold a community chipping day or other). Describe in detail what areas of the community will benefit from the project. See a project idea list.
  • How: Clearly and concisely outline the steps that you will take to complete your project. Include information about how the grant funding will help you complete project work. For example, describe whether grant funding will be used to rent a chipper, to purchase hand tools, buy garbage bags, rent a dumpster, etc. Include information about how you will promote the event before the day. How will you ensure that participants will remain safe while completing project work? Will you provide hearing protection, goggles or gloves? Will you encourage them to bring their own to participate? Outline how much work you would like to accomplish on the day.
  • Where: Describe in detail where the project work will be completed. Will it be at certain home sites, in a common area, or other?
  • When: One part of the event must occur on the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on Saturday, May 4, 2019.