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Boys & Girls Clubs and Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day was developed as the result of input from youth (from a research survey completed by NFPA®) who wanted to participate in wildfire safety project work on one specific day across the nation. 

This information and resources shared are designed to help clubs participate in a Wildfire Community Preparedness Day project to educate Boys & Girls Club members to take action to prevent and appropriately respond to wildfire.

What is Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, and why should you participate?



Motivate neighbors and community members to work together to make where they live a safer place from wildfire.



We have the tools to get you and your community off and running with your own project:


Complete a community service project


Community service projects directly benefit the people, wildlife and neighborhoods where you live. Take part in projects to fulfill these requirements and make important contributions in your area to reduce wildfire risks or post-fire impacts like flooding and mudslides.

Complete a pet preparedness project



Just as humans prepare, it’s important to have household pets and horses ready year-round for a potential wildfire evacuation. Preparing animals requires an extra level of planning, preparedness and practice.