2018 success stories

Wildfire Preparedness Day has been a huge success, with thousands across the country coming together to plan and participate in risk reduction and wildfire preparedness activities with the goal of making their communities safer from brush, grass and forest fires. Here are just some examples.

Seymour Volunteer Fire Department

Seymour Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD) held their own Community Preparedness Day on May 5. The event helped teach firefighters how to fight against woodland fires. This type of fire requires a different skill set than those of home fires. SVFD covers three different counties with much of the area covered in wilderness. This makes it even more crucial to teach these firefighters how to control brush fires.

Wildfire Preparedness Day - Seymour volunteer fire department

Shasta Village

Shasta Forest Village (SFV) hosted Wildfire Community Preparedness Day in the midst of a fuel reduction effort that began in early April throughout the middle of May. To advertise for the Community Preparedness Day, the committee hung up a Preparedness Day Banner at the community entrance and highlighted the event on the neighborhood website. 

Most residents conducted their own fuel reduction effort on May 5, which consisted of thinning, raking and removal of debris.There was a free chipping service for those residents who participated in the effort which was conducted by Western Shasta Resource District, a SFV partner. Overall, the neighborhood documented 700 hours dedicated to the advertisement and activities for the effort.

Wildfire Preparedness Day in Julian, CA.

Hemlock Farms

Hemlock Farms hosted an educational event, sponsored by the HFCA Firewise Board and Department of Community Conservation, for Wildfire Preparedness Day. The venue, which had several tables with informative material about wildfire prevention and safety, was outside the community mail room. The event was even published in the monthly newspaper, Hemlock News.

Wildfire Preparedness Day activities in Hemlock

McCalla Creek, Stevensville, MT

Near McCalla Creek in Montana, neighbors came together to clean up the area from fallen tree debris and other wildfire hazards. In this effort, the road became more accessible for emergency vehicles if they ever needed to pass through. Also, it helped to lessen the amount of fire fuels in the neighborhood.

Holly Knoll Homeowner’s Association

Holly Knoll Homeowner’s Association kicked off Wildfire Prep Day a day early on May 4. A group of 15 community volunteers collected downed tree debris and got three dead trees professionally removed and dragged to trail heads for further removal. 

In the two days of work, volunteers used chainsaws and other equipment to collect the debris. Individually, other homeowners took the opportunity to remove fire fuel debris from a 0-30ft area around their homes to add to the collection sites. The HOA contracted a professional tree service to have the debris chipped and removed from the site by the end of the Prep Day.